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  • Triumph of The Wrong(GOP): Why The 'Wrong About Everything' Party Won The 2014 Mid-Terms  By : Paul Krugman
    Masking their real positions won't be so easy now that the Republicans are in power: The biggest secret of the Republican triumph surely lies in the discovery that obstructionism bordering on sabotage is a winning political strategy. From Day 1 of the Obama administration, Mr. McConnell and his colleagues have done everything they could to undermine effective policy, in particular blocking every effort to do the obvious thing — boost infrastructure spending — in a time of low interest rates ....
  • When Bullies(Republicans) Win: How Do Weary Americans Face the Post-Election Trauma?  By : Lynn Stuart Parramore
    Most of us did not escape that moment on the playground when the bully came over and demanded our candy. What could we do? The bruising boy and the mean girl used fear and intimidation to get their way. If that didn't work, there were other methods. Sometimes the bully had powerful friends and came on gangster-style. Other times the mean girl shoved and hit us and left us flailing in the dirt. However it happened, it left wounds.
  • 6 Right-Wing Disasters This Week: Egomaniac Bill O'Reilly Drops Accidental Truth Bomb  By : Janet Allon
    Bill O'Reilly chatted with radio host Tavis Smiley on Thursday, about how black people are to blame for their economic problems, blah blah blah same old, same old. But Papa Bill also said something simultaneously bizarre and true. He told Smiley that Republicans are "more intimidated than uncaring. I think they're afraid... I think they're afraid of, uh, black people, yeah."
  • After Losing The Battle For The Senate, Obama Should Go on Offense. It's Time He Waged War for Real!  By : Brian Beutler
    Democrats must do best not to fracture on the assumption that the public just gave the hushed Republican policy agenda a vote of confidence, but to oppose it with confidence that when it's laid against the Democratic agenda two year from now, the public will reject it. That means standing pat if and when Republicans try to slash taxes, weaken environmental regulations, damage Obamacare, and maximize the deportation of low-priority offenders. It means not voting in politically expedient ways and hiding behind Obama's veto, but borrowing from Majority Leader-designate Mitch McConnell, who famously boasted that during Obama's first term, Republicans "worked very hard to keep our fingerprints off [Democratic] proposals, because we thought—correctly, I think—that the only way the American people would know that a great debate was going on was if the measures were not bipartisan."
  • Stunning Disloyalty: Leon Panetta Backstabs Pres. Obama For Profit .....For Hillary Clinton?  By : Dana Milbank
    Leon Panetta, other former Obama subordinates show stunning disloyalty: George W. Bush got criticism from former advisers (Paul O'Neill, John DiIulio), as did Bill Clinton (George Stephanopoulos, Dick Morris), but this level of disloyalty is stunning, even though it is softened with praise for Obama's intellect.
  • The GOP's Dark, Racist Art of Election Stealing  By : Heather Digby Parton
    The Shameful Racism of Southern Conservatives (Republicans): They Just Don't Want Minorities to Vote -- Sometimes conservative politicians, particularly those who hail from the South, accidentally forget to dog-whistle and they say what's really on their minds. It's always revealing.
  • SLURS: Republican Reaction to Obama's ISIS Speech -- Inaccurate, Unhelpful, Even Unpatriotic  By : Joe Conason
    The neoconservatives who promoted that ruinous adventure have loftily advised us all not to reargue the decision to overthrow Saddam Hussein and occupy Iraq. Their desire to avoid accountability for a historic blunder -- still costing so many lives and so much treasure -- is understandable, if not quite honorable. But if they want amnesty for themselves, they might stop trying to frame President Obama for the awful consequences of their misconduct.
  • The GOP's 'Impeachment Nonsense' is Proof That Republicans Are Not Ready To Govern  By : Lincoln Mitchell
    Republican Impeachment Embarrassment: The most striking thing about the efforts to impeach the president is not that this idea was mentioned by conservatives in Congress, but that the idea has completely backfired on the Republican Party. The Republicans were foolish to let any discussion of impeachment make it into the media or even be floated in Congress, but once they made that mistake they called foul when the other party responded predictably, reasonably and effectively.
  • Let's Sue the GOP: A Lawsuit Would be One Gesture. But Big-Time Election Losses Would Work Better  By : Leo Gerard
    House Republicans last week overwhelmingly endorsed suing President Barack Obama for delaying part of the Affordable Care Act, a law Republicans hate and condemn and voted 50 times to repeal. So, really, the president did exactly what the GOP claims it wants. But they're suing anyway
  • Fear of a Non-White Nation: The GOP's Problem With Hispanics Goes Much Deeper Than Immigration Reform  By : Danny Vinik
    When Hispanics, in turn, vote in 2016 -- en masse for Hillary Clinton as president, Republicans should not blame the party's inability to pass immigration reform. They should blame their party's refusal to recognize the changing nature of the country.
  • The GOP Self-Destruction is Complete: Millennials Officially Hate Conservatives  By : Ana Marie Cox
    Right now, Democrats benefit from both the form and content of conservative message: this next generation is not just inclusive, but conflict-adverse. Millennials cringe at the old-man-yelling-at-gay-clouds spectacle of the Tea Party. Perhaps this comes from living in such close proximity of their parents for so long. If this generation does have a political philosophy, it's this: "First, do no harm." If it has a guiding moral principle, it's simpler: "Don't be embarrassing."
  • 12 of the Most Inhumane American Presidents  By : Al Carroll
    That five presidents carried out both heinous and humane actions in our history says much about the power of the office, that neglect, carelessness, or lack of reflection can cause mass deaths as much as evil intent. That in part is what this kind of ranking is designed to impart and get the reader to think about rather than simple cheering for the presidency, American power, or one's own party, or belief.
  • The Benghazi-Industrial Complex: Will The Pseudo GOP Scandal Be Enough To Stop Hillary From Running in 2016?  By : Michael Hirsh
    Clinton's 20-year sojourn in public life has been bracketed, jarringly, by two pseudo-scandals, both involving the tragic and less-than-fully-explained death of an important man in Hillary's orbit. In between there have been assorted smears and public humiliations, including real traumas like Monicagate, the cumulative effect of which has been to make Hillary reluctant to reenter the political game. Or so many of her friends and aides say, and so Republicans must be hoping.
  • Cliven Bundy Saga Reveals The Risk of Cozying Up To Extremists  By : Dana Milbank
    Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy knows how to start a stampede. After Bundy, who became a right-wing hero for his refusal to acknowledge the authority of the federal government, wondered aloud about whether "Negro" people were "better off as slaves," conservative figures who had celebrated his cause rushed to distance themselves from him.
  • The Right's Sociopathic New SCAM: Using [Gullible]Americans To Harm Their Own Health Plans  By : Brian Beutler
    GOP-aligned groups are now exploiting innocent people who need Obamacare -- by having them campaign for its demise. Every time an enemy of the Affordable Care Act promotes a new Obamacare "horror story," the law's supporters, and a handful of diligent reporters, are given an exciting new opportunity to assess whether the story really stands up to scrutiny, or whether it's a product of exaggeration, ignorance, malice, prejudice or a combination thereof.
  • New Illinois Law to Centralize Health Care  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses the new SHCIP law being considered by Illinois and how such a law may infringe upon the practices of private doctors.
  • Govt. Shut-Down: Marauder SHUT-DOWN Republicans Relive Confederacy Fantasies  By : Steven Rosenfeld
    The House-led federal government shutdown is more than maddening, but nobody should be surprised by the Republican confederacy behind it. Nor should anyone underestimate this century's secessionists.
  • ObamaCare Hysteria: The GOP Moves From The 'Stupid Party' To The 'Crazy Party'  By : Paul Krugman
    Early this year, Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, made headlines by telling his fellow Republicans that they needed to stop being the "stupid party." Unfortunately, Mr. Jindal failed to offer any constructive suggestions about how they might do that. And, in the months that followed, he himself proceeded to say and do a number of things that were, shall we say, not especially smart.
  • Blink! Blink!: 'Unhinged' Suicide Leap -- Republicans in Fantasyland on 'Obama-Care'  By : Eugene Robinson
    The Republican majority in the House, though, is . . . what's the word? Unpredictable? Uncontrollable? Unhinged? They pay little attention to wise political advice and less attention to their leader, Speaker John Boehner of Ohio. And while they can't lay a glove on Obamacare, they're fully capable of knocking themselves out.
  • Hypocrite: Obamacare Critic Texas Gov. Rick Perry Seeks Cash From Healthcare Law  By : Kyle Cheney
    Gov. Rick Perry wants to kill Obamacare dead, but Texas health officials are in talks with the Obama administration about accepting an estimated $100 million available through the health law to care for the elderly and disabled, POLITICO has learned.
  • Chomsky: The U.S. Behaves Nothing Like a Democracy, But You'll Never Hear About It in Our 'Free Press'  By : Noam Chomsky
    The following is a transcript of a recent speech delivered Noam Chomsky in Bonn, Germany, at DW Global Media Forum, Bonn, Germany. You can read more speeches by Chomsky here.
  • Attention, Reince Priebus: Send in The [GOP] Clown Cars  By : Roger Simon
    Reince Priebus's threat to ban CNN & NBC from Republican primary debates -- is a thoroughly empty one. The Republican National Committee controls neither the debates nor the candidates. The candidates will appear at whatever debates they choose, sponsored by whatever outlets they choose. Priebus thinks he owns the circus. But, in reality, he doesn't even control the clowns.
  • Eve of Destruction: The Self-Wounded GOP Could Go Down Big in 2016  By : Mike Allen & Jim VandeHei
    Republicans are in jeopardy of convincing voters they simply cannot govern. Their favorable ratings are terrible and getting worse. But there is broad concern it could go from worse to an unmitigated disaster this fall. Most urgently, according to a slew of key Republicans we interviewed, conservative GOP senators have got to give up their insistence that the party allow the government to shut down after Sept. 30 if they don't get their way on defunding Obamacare.
  • Demographic Suicide: The Tea Party's Path to Irrelevance  By : James Traub
    Today's Republicans are not likely to disappear completely, like the Federalists did. But Republican leaders like Mr. Rubio and Mr. Graham understand that a party that seeks to defy demography, relying on white resentment toward a rising tide of nonwhite newcomers, dooms itself to permanent minority status. Opposing big government is squarely in the American grain; trying to hold back the demographic tide is quixotic. Professional politicians do not want to become the party of a legacy class.
  • The GOP Is Terrified Obamacare Could Be a Success  By : Jon Favreau
    Has anyone else noticed how pathetically frightened the Republican Party is that Obamacare just might succeed? I know, we're all supposed to think the End Is Nigh because the government has decided to give the 10 percent of large employers who don't insure their workers another 365 days to do so before levying a small penalty. This could not possibly be a reasonable accommodation to protect jobs and businesses, because as everybody knows, this president hates jobs and businesses.
  • The GOP's Clueless Caucus  By : Alexander Burns
    They've waxed philosophic about "legitimate rape," reflected on the economic role of "wetbacks" and denounced the actions of "brazen, self-described illegal aliens." They've lamented that "mom got in the workplace" and called out the United States attorney general for casting "aspersions on my asparagus." Call them the clueless caucus of the Republican Party.
  • Leonard Pitts: On Obama Scandals, GOP Needs To Take a Breath!  By : Leonard Pitts Jr.
    You'd think they'd never seen a scandal before. Like the nerd hero of some R-rated sex comedy who suddenly finds himself alone with a willing girl for the first time, some on the Republican right are giddy, hyperventilating and acting a little goofy at the troubles now plaguing Team Obama. Not that one can't understand their eagerness. It must feel like Wile E. Coyote finally nailing that bleeping Road Runner after years of Acme product failures. Similarly, after years of trying to .....
  • Why People Keep Misunderstanding the 'Connection' Between Race and IQ  By : Brink Lindsey
    Last week Heritage Foundation scholar Jason Richwine, coauthor of a hotly disputed new study on the fiscal costs of comprehensive immigration reform, resigned his position in a hail of controversy over his 2009 Harvard Ph.D. dissertation. In that dissertation Richwine had argued, among other things, that American "Hispanics" are less intelligent than native-born whites as evidenced by their lower average scores on IQ tests. Richwine then attributed Hispanics' alleged intellectual inferiority ...
  • Violent Losers: Half of Republicans Think an Armed Rebellion To Overthrow Obama 'Might Be Necessary'  By : David Sirota
    According to the Fairleigh Dickinson poll, 44 percent of rank-and-file Republicans seem to believe that because they aren't getting their way through the ballot box, bloodshed may be justified to impose their will on everyone else. Think of it as sore loser-ism juiced by violence.
  • Inside The New George W. Bush Presidential LIE-bury: An Elaborate Attempt To Bury a 'Criminal Legacy'  By : Robert Parry
    Will Visitors to George W. Bush's New Presidential "Lie Bury" Fall for the Gimmicky Game That Helps Him Evade Accountability? The strategy at George W. Bush's presidential library for fending off criticism of Bush's controversial – indeed criminal – decisions is to put a visitor on the defensive with the question: "Well, what would you have done?" The idea is to get the average person to sympathize with the 43rd president's predicament and thus judge him more leniently.
  • Fox News' Audience Is Literally Dying: Is Roger Ailes' Grand Experiment in Propaganda Doomed?  By : Reed Richardson
    In the annals of Fox News, October 2012 will likely stand out as a shining moment. Buoyed by a wave of Republican optimism about Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, the network seemed tantalizingly close to realizing one of its key ideological goals: ousting President Obama from the White House. Renewed enthusiasm among conservatives was, in turn, triggering record-high ratings for much of the network's programming and helping it to beat not just rival news competitors MSNBC and CNN .....
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Could Be Electoral Bonanza For Democrats, Crippling For The GOP  By : Emily Schultheis
    The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nation's political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.
  • Demographics: Why The GOP is Stuck With 'Angry Old White People'  By : Joshua Holland
    How Right-Wingers in Congress Came to Represent a Whole Different Country: With an assist from some long-term demographic trends, House Republicans have redistricted, propagandized and policed themselves into another country. As a result, they have become unmoored from the political incentives that typically drive law-makers' decision-making process. Public opinion no longer sways them, and that is creating a potentially insurmountable problem for the party establishment's efforts to broaden the GOP's appeal beyond angry old white people.
  • Tea Party Titan, Sen. Rand Paul: 'I Am Either Brave or Crazy To Be Here at Howard University'  By : Dana Milbank
    Tea party titan Rand Paul, visiting Howard University on Wednesday, told students that he had been called "either brave or crazy to be here" at the historically black college. Probably some of each: brave, because he's trying to sell himself and fellow Republicans to African Americans, a singularly resistant demographic; and crazy, because he based his pitch on revised history and airbrushed facts -- and the Howard kids weren't fooled.
  • Hoodwink FAIL: Rand Paul Explains 'Black History' To 'Black People'  By : Adele M. Stan
    In apparent preparation for the presidential bid he's contemplating, Paul addressed a polite but skeptical audience in a speech that was part damage-control, part condescending history lesson and part appeal to African-Americans to embrace his neo-libertarian philosophy.
  • Why Americans Are So Ignorant -- It's Not Only Fox News, There Are Some Understandable Reasons For It  By : Lawrence Davidson
    Sure propaganda, government secrecy and Fox News have a lot to do with it. But there are broader societal pressures as well. We might explain this as the result of faulty education; however, there are other, just as embarrassing, moments involving the well educated.
  • The GOP's Problem? Racist, Bigoted, Hard-Core Conservatives.  By : Andrew Kohut
    The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America. Any Republican efforts at reinvention face this dilemma: While staunch conservatives help keep GOP lawmakers in office, they also help keep the party out of the White House. Quite simply, the Republican Party has to appeal to a broader cross section of the electorate to succeed in presidential elections.
  • The RAP on Marco Rubio -- The 'The Republican Savior'  By : Maureen Dowd
    Right now, Marco is like a paper doll, trying on different outfits of style and substance as the party oohs and aahs. As Nicolle Wallace, the former adviser to Sarah Palin, gushed to George Stephanopoulos: "He's modern. He knows who Tupac is. He is on social media." And "he's close to the younger Bushes." Who could ask for anything more?
  • Original Sin: Why The GOP is And Will Continue To Be The Party of 'White People'  By : Sam Tanenhaus
    The GOP is in jeopardy, the gravest since 1964, of ceasing to be a national party. It is not a coincidence that the resurgence of nullification is happening while our first African American president is in office. Race will always be a complex issue in America. There is no total cleansing of an original sin.
  • Forget Red vs. Blue -- It's 'Slave States' vs. 'Free States' From 2012 Onwards  By : Michael Lind
    Now that they dominate the Republican party, Southern conservatives are using it to carry out the same strategies that they promoted during the generations when they controlled the Democratic Party, from the days of Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren to the Civil Rights Revolution of the 1950s and 1960s. From the nineteenth century to the twenty-first, the oligarchs of the American South have sought to defend the Southern system, what used to be known as the Southern Way of Life.
  • Obama Follows in Ronald Reagan's Footsteps  By : E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Reagan forced Democrats to realize they wouldn't keep winning simply by invoking FDR's legacy. Paradoxically, in following Reagan's political lead, Obama is setting out to prove that the Reagan era is finally over.
  • Go For The Throat: Why Obama Should Seek To Destroy The Republican Party  By : John Dickerson
    Go For The Throat! Why if he wants to transform American politics, Obama must declare war on the Republican Party. Obama's only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents. Through a series of clarifying fights over controversial issues, he can force Republicans to either side with their coalition's most extreme elements or cause a rift in the party that will leave it, at least ......
  • Taking The Economy Hostage is No Way To Legislate; Why The Republican 'Chicken Game' is Reprehensible  By : Staff Writer
    Suppose a couple is having a hard time making ends meet. What are the options? One is to cut spending on things like eating out. Another is to increase income by taking a second job. Ideally, they'd agree on a combination of the two options. The worst approach would be to simply stop payments on the mortgage, credit card bills and other obligations while bickering endlessly about who's at fault.
  • Confessions of a GOP Operative Who Left 'THE CULT': 3 Things You Must Know About the Lunatic-Filled Republican Party  By : Mike Lofgren
    Barbara Stanwyck: "We're both rotten!" | Fred MacMurray: "Yeah - only you're a little more rotten." -- "Double Indemnity" (1944) Those lines of dialogue from a classic film noir sum up the state of the two political parties in contemporary America. Both parties are rotten - how could they not be, given the complete infestation of the political system by corporate money on a scale that now requires a presidential candidate to raise upwards of a billion dollars to be competitive in .....
  • The Incompetent (GOP) Clowns of Capitol Hill  By : Eugene Robinson
    Our clown-around Congress: To say that Congress looked like a clown show this week is an insult to self-respecting clowns. Painful though it may be, let's review what just happened. Our august legislators -- aided and abetted by President Obama -- manufactured a fake crisis. They then proceeded to handle it so incompetently that they turned it into a real one.
  • Fiscal Cliff: How Republicans Befool Fellow Republicans  By : Michael Tomasky
    How Republicans Are Duping Members of Their Own Party: It's grade-school civics that the two parties in Washington represent the views of the people who sent them there, and usually, it's true, or true enough. But a funny thing is happening on the way to the fiscal cliff, which is that Washington Republicans, according to a very interesting new poll, are not representing the positions of rank-and-file Republicans. So whose views are they representing? Good question. And here's another ....
  • Demographic Shift: How Barack Obama Changed The Face of America  By : Peter Foster
    The paradox of the 2012 US election was that despite the numerical proximity of the vote Mr Obama's open-minded liberal coalition may now have taken a permanent stranglehold on the US political map. And in their inclusive fervour they have left half the country locked outside the door. Among young voters, he secured two thirds of the preferences of those aged between 18 and 29. They are almost a fifth of the electorate. For the first time last year in America more babies were born to .....
  • The Myth of the Obama Cave-In: Obama's Brilliant 2010 Strategy Against Republicans  By : David Corn
    With the "fiscal cliff" looming, the conventional wisdom is that the president capitulated during the last tax cut fight. Here's what really happened: Obama didn't surrender in 2010. He turned a face-off over the Bush tax cuts into an opportunity to enact a second stimulus that he otherwise could not get past Senate Republicans. When the deal was done, many of Obama's own political allies did not immediately recognize what he had won. To many on the outside, it did seem as if he had caved.
  • How Doomed are U.S. Conservatives Politically? Pretty Doomed!  By : Jonathan Chait
    If you look carefully at the Pew Research Survey's close analysis of the youth vote in the 2012 elections. The Republicans' long-term dilemma has generally been framed in racial terms, but it's mainly a generational one. The youngest generation of voters contains a much smaller proportion of white voters than previous generations, and those whites in that generation vote Republican by a much smaller margin than their elders.
  • Post 2012, a Coalition of Aging, 'Angry' White Men is a Recipe For Failure For Republicans  By : Nicholas D. Kristof
    Can Republicans Adapt? -- This was one that the Republicans really should have won. Given the weak economy, American voters were open to firing President Obama. In Europe, in similar circumstances, one government after another lost re-election. And, at the beginning of this year, it looked as if the Republicans might win control of the United States Senate as well.
  • Michael Wolff: 2012 U.S. Election Alters Media Landscape  By : Michael Wolff
    The presidential election was a victory for a younger, ethnic, urban, no-family nation and, at least within the margin of victory, a repudiation of a white, older, family-value, rural America that watches right-wing media. This America has not only watched right-wing media but has made it pretty much the only media business that has experienced sustained, double-digit growth, even through the recession.
  • Mitt Romney Is President -- Of 'White Male America'  By : Maureen Dowd
    IT makes sense that Mitt Romney and his advisers are still gobsmacked by the fact that they're not commandeering the West Wing. (Though, as "The Daily Show" correspondent John Oliver jested, the White House might have been one of the smaller houses Romney ever lived in.) Team Romney has every reason to be shellshocked. Its candidate, after all, resoundingly won the election of the country he was wooing. Mitt Romney is the president of white male America.
  • The GOP's Gerrymandered 'Congressional Districts' Give an Illusion of a 'Status Quo'  By : Harold Meyerson
    Republicans love to proclaim their affinity for the marketplace and the genius of competition. But it's precisely by suppressing competition, and crafting uncompetitive districts, that they maintained their hold on the House last week. Any notion that House Republicans have a mandate of their own that they can bring to a fight with the president is spurious. Their grasp on the House derives not from voter sentiment but almost entirely from the line-drawers' art.
  • The Loin King  By : Maureen Dowd
    Has President Spock, who bounded into action on Sandy and rocked a New Jersey woman in his arms, really grown? Or is he giving us what we want for the moment so we'll give him what he wants for the next four years?
  • How Christian Fundamentalism Feeds the Toxic Partisanship of US Politics  By : Katherine Stewart
    The idea is that on one day of the school year, kids are invited to have lunch with the kind of kids they don't usually hang out with: the jocks mix with the nerds, lunch tables are racially integrated, et cetera. Sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center as part of their Teaching Tolerance division, it arose out of a broad effort to tackle the problems of bullying in the schools and bigotry in society – and it appears to have been effective in breaking down stereotypes and reducing .....
  • Why an Obama Loss in The Elections Would Be Good For Him and The World  By : Charles Onyango-Obbo
    Obama has the energy and smarts to be an influential international citizen and non-state actor, and to join Clinton and Gates as the non-white face at the top of the international NGO high priesthood. To do that, he first has to lose the election.
  • Why Are States So Red and Blue?  By : Steven Pinker
    Conservative thinkers like the economist Thomas Sowell and the Times columnist David Brooks have noted that the political right has a Tragic Vision of human nature, in which people are permanently limited in morality, knowledge and reason.
  • Obama's Squandered Advantages [ Inspite of Compulsive Liar Mitt Romney ]  By : Frank Bruni
    After "a couple of Cadillacs," a summer belly-flop abroad, a dismissive swipe at 47 percent of the population and a convention best remembered for Clint Eastwood's chat with a chair, Mitt Romney is seemingly tied with President Obama. He has a real chance. It's a remarkable turn of events, given how many errors he's made and how ill suited he is to this particular juncture in the American story. And to size up the situation honestly is to consider one conclusion as seriously as any other .......
  • Romney Family Owns Voting Machines Which Will Count Votes in Ohio, Crucial 'Swing States'  By : Craig Unger
    Romney-linked Voting Machine Company Which Will Count Votes in Ohio and Other Crucial Swing States: Voting machine provider Hart Intercivic will be counting the votes in various counties in the crucial swing states of Ohio and Colorado and elsewhere throughout the country come November 6—even though it has extensive corporate ties to the Mitt Romney camp, and even though a study commissioned by the state of Ohio has labeled its voting system a "failure" when it comes to protecting the integrity of election.
  • Reality vs. Republican 'Reality': Obama Won The Debate & Everyone But Romney & The Republicans Know That  By : Michael Tomasky
    Monday may be the most important single day of the campaign. Obama won the debate. Everyone this side of Charles Krauthammer agrees that Romney was general and platitudinous and not that engaged. That makes two out of three. You might think that would mean momentum. And yet the conventional wisdom is congealing right now—it is hardening, minute by minute—that Romney is going to win the election.
  • Ken Bode: Romney's Shifting Positions  By : Ken Bode
    If Romney did not grow up imbued with kindness toward the less fortunate, he did recognize political opportunity. Knocking off Kennedy would vault him into the front ranks of future GOP presidential nominees.
  • Bill Moyers: The Rise of Hispanic America  By : Bill Moyers
    The growing electoral clout of the Latino constituency is getting harder for national politicians to ignore.
  • Cohen: The Right's Mad Quest To 'Unmask' Obama; Desperately Seeking The 'Real' Obama  By : Richard Cohen
    Last week something notable happened. The Daily Caller, a conservative Web site, came up with a tape of President Obama speaking in the spring of 2007 to an audience of black ministers about matters of concern to black ministers and their black congregants. After the tape was aired, conservative commentators announced with considerable urgency that they had discovered "the real Barack Obama." He is — and there are reliable sources for this — a black man!
  • Obama vs. Romney: Why The Pundits Are Wrong About The Denver Debate  By : Lynn Parramore
    Obama may well be seen to lose every single debate. But it will not matter to the outcome. Slow and steady does not make good TV viewing of an evening, but it wins the race. Remember the Tortoise.
  • So It Has Come To This: Romney 'Wears as Little As Possible' To Bed While Obama is 'Eye Candy'  By : Maureen Dowd
    So it has come to this: While the Muslim world was burning, Mitt Romney was telling Kelly Ripa that he wears as little as possible to bed. And on the day world leaders gathered at the United Nations, President Obama's only high-level sit-down in New York was with the ladies of "The View," teasing, "I'm just supposed to be eye candy here for you guys." Romney said he was very troubled that Obama went on "The View" and skipped meeting other leaders, especially Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.
  • Ann Romney Doesn't Understand Poverty; Poverty is More Than Tuna and Pasta  By : Richard Cohen
    When I was 19, I lived in a furnished room on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. My kitchen table was the bathtub with a cover over it. I had no shower, and the common toilet was down the hall, where some guy named Michael kept trying to get in. I was going to college at night, working in the mailroom of an insurance company by day, and taking home something like $48 a week. Given the rhetoric of recent days, this qualifies me for president of the United States.
  • Demand Freedom, Not Free Stuff  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses the differences between freedom and free stuff and urges the reader to choose a more free society over receiving free stuff from the government.
  • Politicians, Language and Control Mechanisms  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses how politicians use language to manipulate you and maintain control of society.
  • Charlotte, N.C.: Obama Comes To Bat  By : Roger Simon
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Mistakes were made. Hopes dashed. Change crushed. We were all so eager for Barack Obama to succeed. Especially the Republicans. Yes, it is true. They say so.
  • The G.O.P. Fact Vacuum; Paul Ryan Set a 'World Record' For Blatant Lies at Tampa Convention  By : Charles M. Blow
    Honesty is a lost art. Facts are for losers. The truth is dead. Pick one. Whatever the term of art, they all signal a dark turn, and, this week, the Republican Party took that turn with reckless abandon.
  • Nature's Joke on The GOP: Isaac Brushes Past an Obsolete Convention  By : Dana Milbank
    TAMPA — On Day 1 of their tempest-tossed convention, Republicans ran up the debt, said a prayer — and walked away.
  • Should Blacks Vote For Obama Simply Because He's Black?  By : Todd A. Smith
    Say it ain’t so Tom Joyner Do you really believe Blacks should vote for President Barack Obama in 2012, simply because he is Black
  • Republicans Pick The Wrong Target; GOP Witch Hunt For Eric Holder Reflects Bigger Problem  By : Eugene Robinson
    In 2006, when George W. Bush was president, federal law enforcement officials came up with a spectacularly dumb idea: Allow powerful firearms purchased in the United States to "walk" across the Mexican border, where authorities would trace the weapons and eventually nab the big-time criminals who supply guns to the ultra-violent Mexican drug cartels.
  • The Michigan State House Vagina Dialogues  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses the censorship of Representative Lisa Brown of the Michigan state house for saying the word "vagina" on the floor of the Michigan state house.
  • The Great Republican Hypocrisy; The Myth of Free Market & The Jive About Private-Sector 'Job Creators'  By : Tom Magstadt
    Of all the hypocritical hype resonating through the rhetoric of these Republicans, none is more damaging than the myth of free market and the jive about private-sector job creators. A vibrant economy operating without state intervention or regulation is one of the most pernicious, pervasive, and persistent myths in contemporary American politics.
  • Medicare Reform and African Americans: Shoring up Benefits to Protect the Uninsured  By : Meta J. Mereday
    With the ongoing debate and the decline in ratings for the healthcare package labeled “Obamacare,” it is clear that everyone is concerned about the results in Medicare reform. No group should be more concerned than African Americans and Hispanics
  • John Edwards Statement to the Media and the Punditry  By : Tammy Nikki
    John Edwards acknowledged his sins and said “God is not through with me yet.” He vowed to continue to work for the poor. Then the pundits went wild. Here is my punditry of the pundits.
  • The Price for Ignoring Ron Paul  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses the repercussions to the media and perhaps the nation if Ron Paul's message continues to be ignored.
  • President Obama Sedition Over Defense Of Marriage Act  By : Delwyn Lounsbury
    President Obama Rules Defense Of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

    by Delwyn Lounsbury - THE DEFLATION GURU

    President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announced on February 23, 2011 that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional They concluded "a more heightened standard of scrutiny" is needed for sexuality types of classifications
  • Romney's Magical Capitalism: His Principled, Radical View of America May Prove To Be His Undoing  By : E.J. Dionne Jr.
    It turns out that there is at least one question on which Mitt Romney is not a flip-flopper: He has a utopian view of what an unfettered, lightly taxed market economy can achieve.
  • Radical Forgiveness and The Power Elite  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses why I feel that forgiving the ruling elite for their crimes against humanity might not be a bad idea.
  • We Are Not Stupid, Mr. Mitt 'Severely Conservative' Romney!  By : Charles M. Blow
    Yes, this election is about the economy. Every election is to some degree. But it is also about priorities and values and the social direction of this country. This is about the uniquely different visions of our country as presented by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and about which man is most likely to be effective and fair. No number of tactical speeches will make us forget that. We are not stupid.
  • How America Went Rogue: What We All Need to Know About Our Government's Shadow Wars  By : Juan Cole
    Covert operations are nothing new in American history, but it could be argued that during the past decade they have moved from being a relatively minor arrow in the national security quiver to being the cutting edge of American power. Drone strikes, electronic surveillance and stealth engagements by military units such as the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), as well as dependence on private corporations, mercenary armies and terrorist groups, are now arguably more common as tools of ....
  • The 2012 Presidential Elections: Understanding the Stakes, Getting the Numbers  By : Meta J. Mereday
    While it seems only yesterday when the nation came together to watch President Barack Obama take the oath of office - and the historic step - as the nation’s first African American president, 2012 presidential elections are right around the corner. There are many things at stake with the 2012 elections, in addition to the presidential race, including 33 races in the United States Senate and elections for members in the United States House of Representatives.....
  • Crisis in Egypt Shows Beauty of American Politics  By : Todd A. Smith
    It is amazing how watching a crisis unfold can remind us of how fortunate we are Although burdened by our own problems, the crisis in Egypt should remind Americans how fortunate we are that we live in a country that respects our freedoms and our voices
  • How Mitt Romney Lies—and Gets Away With It -- Blame It on The Media Embrace of False Equivalency  By : David Corn
    At the start of his remarks, Romney praised the media—while noting he was sometimes irked by coverage of his campaign—and nobly observed that voters will be "informed by your coverage" and will "hopefully…have an accurate understanding" of the 2012 race and the choice at hand, due to hard-working journalists chronicling the contest. But then Romney went on to hurl a series of utterly untrue remarks.
  • The G.O.P's Judicial Activists in The U.S. Supreme Court  By : E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Three days of Supreme Court arguments over the health-care law demonstrated for all to see that conservative justices are prepared to act as an alternative legislature, diving deeply into policy details as if they were members of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.
  • The Lost Party: The Strangest Primary Season in Memory Reveals a GOP That's Tearing Itself Apart  By : John Heilemann
    Only the most mindless of ideologues reject the truism that America would be best served by the presence of two credible governing parties instead of the situation that currently obtains. A Santorum nomination would be seen by many liberals as a scary and retrograde proposition. And no doubt it would make for a wild ride, with enough talk of Satan, abortifacients, and sweater vests to drive any sane man bonkers. But in the long run, it might do a world of good, compelling Republicans .........
  • Unhealthy Fixation: Rick Santorum and the Sexual Revolution  By : Charles M. Blow
    To fully understand Santorum's strident rejection of the 1960s, it's instructive to recall a speech and question-and-answer session he gave in 2008 to a course on religion and politics at the Oxford Center for Religion and Public Life in Washington.
  • Mitt, Grits and Grit  By : Charles M. Blow
    Wow. Note to Mitt: As a Southerner, I've never known us to find caricature endearing. But welcome to the Deep South anyway, Mitt. I wonder if you've been introduced to one of my favorite Southern sayings: the backhanded "Bless your heart."
  • It's Not Our Fault: The Circumstances of Tucson  By : Stan Goldberg
    Four years ago I began writing about health care issues What I thought was a topic that rational people could discuss, became something filled with personal invectives
  • 2012 or Never: Republicans are Worried This Election Could Be Their Last Chance To Stop History  By : Jonathan Chait
    If they lose their bid to unseat Obama, they will have mortgaged their future for nothing at all. And over the last several months, it has appeared increasingly likely that the party's great all-or-nothing bet may land, ultimately, on nothing. In which case, the Republicans will have turned an unfavorable outlook into a truly bleak one in a fit of panic. The deepest effect of Obama's election upon the Republicans' psyche has been to make them truly fear, for the first time since before Ronald ..
  • Debate #20: Will GOP Perp Walk Lead To The White House?  By : Roger Simon
    CNN began with my favorite part of these spectacles: The candidate perp walk. One by one, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul paced wearily onto the stage. If their suits had not been uniformly funereal in color, they would have resembled prisoners on a chain gang.
  • Republicans are Sighing, Not Cheering  By : Roger Simon
    The most notable factor in the Republican presidential race thus far is the depth of despair into which Republican voters have sunk. The GOP is now the party of woulda, coulda, shoulda. If only this governor had run. If only that person had not dropped out early. If only there had not been so many debates to introduce the candidates to the American people long before the candidates were ready to be introduced.
  • Willard Mitt Romney is Dazed and Confused  By : Roger Simon
    Romney is known as an even-keel kind of guy. Doesn't get too high, doesn't get too low. But last Tuesday he lost three states to Rick Santorum, and it threw him and his campaign into disarray and confusion.
  • What if the GOP is Pulling the Wool Over the Eyes of Republican Voters?  By : Szandor Blestman
    This article discusses the recent firing of Judge Andrew Napolitano and seeks to emulate him by asking "what if?" questions.
  • Obama, Explained: Is He a Skillful Political Player & Visionary or a Pawn Overwhelmed By Events?  By : James Fallows
    As Barack Obama contends for a second term in office, two conflicting narratives of his presidency have emerged. Is he a skillful political player and policy visionary--a chess master who always sees several moves ahead of his opponents (and of the punditocracy)? or is he politically clumsy and out of his depth--a pawn overwhelmed by events, at the mercy of a second-rate staff and of the Republicans? Here, a longtime analyst of the presidency takes the measure of our 44th president, .......
  • How Newt Gingrich's 'Unruly' Mind Could Benefit Obama  By : Richard Cohen
    Where is the Democratic Gingrich? I do not mean that Newt Gingrich — the one who is a virtual Michelin Man of grandiosity, pneumatically overstuffed with self-references and appeals to the political gutter. I do not mean the man whose public life has been as chaotic as his private one (and vice versa) and who is capable of the most sinister simplicities, such as the time he suggested that Susan Smith would not have murdered her two children had Republicans been in power. This Gingrich is ......
  • Occupy 'Republican' Rigged Elections: A Call For The Second American Revolution in 2012  By : Victoria Collier
    A great battle is coming. The 2012 elections are our chance to turn the tide back toward real democracy, but we must begin immediately. Only by organizing for a democratic revolution now can we break the hold of corporate criminals over our elections and take real power in 2012, legitimately and nonviolently.
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: 'Republican' States Waging War on Poor With Voter ID Laws  By : Leonard Pitts Jr.
    Over the holidays, the Justice Department rejected a South Carolina law requiring a photo ID - as opposed to just a voter registration card - for would-be voters. The department called the law discriminatory against African-Americans. Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, South Carolina and other states and localities with histories of infringing the voting rights of African-Americans are required to get federal approval before changing their voting laws. This is the first time the ......

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