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  • From Argentina To Angola and Zaire: Trump's Number One Goon Paul Manafort Tied To Arms Dealers, Warlords, Dictators & Oligarchs  By : Steven Rosenfeld
    Donald Trump's top presidential campaign advisor is a world-class thug. Manafort's firm represented Angolan guerilla leader Jonas Savimbi, making over $600,000 in 1985 alone. Savimbi and his UNITA army engaged in a decades-long civil war that terrorized and murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, with UNITA engaging in bodily mutilations, sexual slavery, child kidnapping, and witch burning. Savimbi funded his role in the gruesome civil war with proceeds of smuggled diamonds, aid from apartheid South Africa, and aid from the United States. Zaire dictator Mobutu Sese Seko retained Manafort's firm in 1989 for $1 million annually to help address his PR issues: at the time, he was one of Africa's most corrupt leaders, he had one of the worst human rights records, and his regime regularly engaged in torture, detainment, and rape.
  • Bernie's Socialism vs. Trump's Barbarism: Only Social Democracy Can Defeat Right-Wing Radicalism  By : Conor Lynch
    Trump's election is a terrifying prospect, but more terrifying is the neo-fascist movement he has helped create. Sanders is a democratic socialist, Trump is a right-wing nationalist (although some mainstream commentators have simply gone with "fascist"). The one thing that they do have in common, however, is that they are both leading revolts against the neoliberal status quo, which has prevailed for the past several decades. Sanders has advocated Social democratic policies that are reminiscent of the New Deal. While many people today believe Sanders is something of a radical, his policies are closer to those of Keynes or FDR than they are to Vladimir Lenin — and, as the reader may recall, Keynes (and FDR) wanted to save market capitalism. On the other hand, Donald Trump has ridden a wave of right-wing populism that is reminiscent of another popular movement of Keynes' time: Fascism. Trump's strongman appeal is frighteningly similar to the appeal of 20th century fascist leaders. His incoherent and contradictory utterances have one thing in common: They provoke and play on feelings of resentment and disdain, intermingled with bits of fear, hatred and anger. His public discourse consists of attacking or ridiculing a wide range of "others" — Muslims, Hispanics, women, Chinese, Mexicans, Europeans, Arabs, immigrants, refugees — whom he depicts either as threats or as objects of derision… Trump himself is simply and quite literally an egomaniac -- and so was Hitler and Italy's Mussolini. Like Marxism, Neoliberalism has failed, and is now facing widespread revolt.
  • Why Is Hillary Clinton Suddenly Tied in the Polls With Trump - a Vulgar and Widely Reviled Ignoramus?  By : Eric Levitz
    Even among the shrinking percentage of Republicans who don't like Trump, there is little doubt that their tribe's vulgar ignoramus is preferable to the enemy faction's gun-hating, Obama-loving, rape-enabling, Benghazi betraying she-tyrant. There is no reason to think he'll gain significant ground with these groups in the coming months. Clinton has a massive fundraising advantage and will be able to mine Trump's vast back catalogue of racist and sexist musings for dynamite negative ads, which will incessantly remind Ohio's single women and Florida's Latinos why they can't let the Donald become their president. The stubborn loyalty of Sandernistas is the only thing keeping Trump competitive. And precedent strongly suggests that once Bernie turns his populist fury on the billionaire across the aisle, the party will unite and Clinton will pull away. This is a change election, and Hillary is a synecdoche for the last two decades of Establishment rule. And don't forget about her "damn emails." America has never so ripe for tyranny.
  • The Newt Factor: Newton Leroy Gingrich as Trump's VP Would Be a Scary, Power-Hungry Monster  By : Heather Digby Parton
    Just Like Dick Cheney: Newt would abuse his power when dealing with national security and military affairs. One of the common refrains among those writing about this Gingrich boomlet is the idea that he could be Trump's Dick Cheney, by which they are saying that he could help the inexperienced Trump in the same way Cheney "guided" George W. Bush. Of course, those who remember the years of Cheney and David Addington and Scooter Libby secretly running half the government with no accountability are appalled at the suggestion. And people should be just as leery of Gingrich as they should have been about Cheney. He's someone you definitely don't want in that role, particularly when it comes to national security. Furthermore, Gingrich has a score to settle. The pinnacle of his political career was the pitched battle with Bill Clinton between 1992 and 1998. And he lost. Bill Clinton became a respected elder statesman doing global charitable work and Newt Gingrich became an occasional Fox News commentator and failed presidential candidate. Beating Hillary Clinton is his last chance for revenge.
  • New Republican Talking Point To 'Defend' Trump: He's Just BS-ing To Bamboozle The Yahoos of Our Base  By : Amanda Marcotte
    Republicans are defending their support of Trump by arguing that he doesn't mean the things he says. Thoroughly ashamed by their nominee-designate, establishment Republicans are forced to line up behind The Donald -- and their main talking point is now this: Trump's just a liar who will say anything to our yahoo voting base to get elected. It's true that conservatives have long had a surprisingly high level of tolerance for con artistry within their ranks. Conservative publications subsist on ads from snake oil salesmen selling gullible right wingers everything from overpriced gold bullion to survivalist gear. This practice has moved into the internet age, with many conservative personalities running email lists hawking fake cancer cures and other such scams. Indeed, one reason the Republican presidential primaries have become so overcrowded is they are stuffed with people who have no real interest in winning, but are just using the free media coverage to get more signups for their email lists. Part of the reason this works is that, like good con artists, conservatives make their marks feel like they're in on the con, that it's not them but the guy next door who is getting fleeced with their mail list fundraising schemes and herbal remedy scams. That's clearly what these Republicans are doing with their comments about Trump. It's about making the voter feel like he's "in" on the con, and it's that other guy who is stupid enough to be sucked into Trump's clearly silly chatter about wall-building and mass deportation.
  • Donald Trump, President of the Confederacy: Decades of Racial Appeals Has Left the Republican Party With No One But Racists  By : Chauncey DeVega
    In a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 66 percent of Republican and Republican-inclined respondents want to return to the "good old days.. This number is higher for Trump backers. It is important to note that this era was one of Jim and Jane Crow anti-black racism, legal sexism, and unapologetic discrimination against gays and lesbians. This yearning for a return to a fictive golden age of white male Christian domination over American social and political life is reflected in other work that shows how white people are much more pessimistic about their futures than Hispanics and African-Americans. The ascendance of Donald Trump and his coronation as the presumed 2016 Republican presidential candidate is the logical outcome of a several decades-long pattern of racism, nativism, and bigotry by the American right-wing and its news entertainment disinformation machine. Republicans have used overt and coded racial appeals to gin up white support through his references to a "lazy," "violent" and "parasitic" class of black Americans who they have repetedly described as "welfare queens" and "strapping bucks." Post Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr. would continue with the GOP's "Southern Strategy" when he summoned up white racist stereotypes and fears of "the black beast rapist"(video) in the form of Willie Horton during the 1988 presidential election. The Age of Obama witnessed an explosion of anti-black racism by the Republican Party and conservatives en masse. Birtherism, the rise of the Tea Party, the use of antebellum language (which was used to defend the Southern slaveocracy) such as "secession" and "nullification", both overt and coded racist invective by Republican officials and news media, and a pattern of disrespect towards both the idea and literal personhood of Barack Obama as the United States' first black president has been the norm.
  • An Open Letter To 'Angry, White' Trump Supporters: He's Lied to You, He's Used You -- Just Like The GOP Establishment Has Done For Years!  By : Andy Ostroy
    Dear Trump Supporters: We all know how "angry" you are, and that it's been that anger that Donald Trump has tapped into and exploited in order to win the Republican presidential nomination. But it's about time you turn all that anger towards the man who's been pulling the wool over your eyes ever since he entered the race. He's lied to you, he's used you, and now he's turning his back on you to get what he wants, which is all that Trump ever cares about: himself.
  • Monica Lewinsky and Donald Trump: I Tremble For My Country  By : Roger Simon
    The beast did not create Donald Trump. Donald Trump kept the beast alive. Without billions in free advertising (i.e., news coverage), Trump would have withered and blown away like other classic also-ran candidates: Ross Perot, Herman Cain, Ben Carson.
  • Noam Chomsky: Humanity Has Paid a Bloody Price For America's Mania To Control The World  By : Noam Chomsky
    The general consequences of resorting to the sledgehammer against vulnerable societies comes as little surprise. William Polk's careful study of insurgencies, Violent Politics, should be essential reading for those who want to understand today's conflicts, and surely for planners, assuming that they care about human consequences and not merely power and domination. Polk reveals a pattern that has been replicated over and over. The invaders—perhaps professing the most benign motives—are naturally disliked by the population, who disobey them, at first in small ways, eliciting a forceful response, which increases opposition and support for resistance. The cycle of violence escalates until the invaders withdraw—or gain their ends by something that may approach genocide. Obama's global drone assassination campaign, a remarkable innovation in global terrorism, exhibits the same patterns. By most accounts, it is generating terrorists more rapidly than it is murdering those suspected of someday intending to harm us—an impressive contribution by a constitutional lawyer on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, which established the basis for the principle of presumption of innocence that is the foundation of civilized law.
  • Death Wish 'On The Down-Low': Trump Represents White America's Deepest, Darkest Desires  By : Andrew OHehir
    Appetite for destruction: White America's death wish is the source of Trump's hidden support. Trump is the living embodiment of that contradictory desire for redemption and destruction. He's a death's-head jester cackling on the edge of the void, the clownish host of one last celebration of America's bombast, bigotry and spectacular ignorance. No wonder his voters are reluctant to 'fess up. We can't be sure how many people really support Trump, Edsall reports, since there's considerable evidence that they aren't telling pollsters the truth. Voting for Trump, it appears, is something white people do in the shadows. It's a forbidden desire that is both liberating and self-destructive, not unlike the married heterosexual who has a same-sex lover on the down-low, or the executive who powers through the day on crystal meth and OxyContin. Consider the prevalence of guns in American society, the epidemic rates of suicide and obesity (which might be called slow-motion suicide/) among low-income whites, the widespread willingness to ignore or deny climate science and the deeply rooted tendency of the white working class to vote against its own interests and empower those who have impoverished it. What other term can encompass all that? With his toxic package of racism, sexism and xenophobia, his thoroughly imaginary version of America built from white people's despair and paranoia and self-loathing, Trump cloaks white-people's death wish in positive terms - "Make America Great Again".
  • Trump is Crushing The Conservative Movement: Inside The Implosion of a Bankrupt & Decrepit Ideology  By : Heather Digby Parton
    The movement inaugurated in the National Review has been dying for ages. Now Trump is doing it in for good. A struggle has been under way(for decades) -- for the soul of the Republican Party between a minority of protectionist xenophobes and those who are pro-trade and pro-immigration. The Conservative movement orthodoxy was already stale by the late 1980s. It took a carnival showman like Newt Gingrich to put some lipstick on it in the 1990s and liven it up for a decade or so; Big Money and Osama bin laden kept it breathing past its natural expiration date. But in 2016 — with the demise of 17 presidential candidacies representing every element of the Republican Party and the conservative movement as we've known it for the past 40 years, as voters chose instead an unreconstructed know-nothing bigot — it's well and truly dead. The only question now is whether it will come back in zombie form, or if Trumpism or something else will replace it. Right now there's just no way of knowing how it's going to come out. Watching the final crack-up is one of the most fascinating political events of the past 40 years, and we've had some fascinating political events during that period of time, from epic scandals to presidential disgrace to impeachment and stolen elections. Today, we have a spectacle wherein the last two Republican presidents, George H.W. Bush and George W., along with the last Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, refusing to vote for the 2016 nominee. The 2008 ...
  • Will The Trump-Clinton 'Taco Bowl' Be The Ugliest U.S. Presidential Election Ever?  By : Andrew OHehir
    Jefferson called John Adams a hermaphrodite; Hoover said Al Smith would dig a tunnel to Rome. Step up, Donald! Last week Donald Trump, now universally described as the "presumptive" Republican nominee (a pompous and thoroughly unnecessary coinage), launched his fall campaign with the infamous Taco Bowl tweet. He loves Hispanics! Was that a stupid racist gaffe or a stupid strategic masterstroke? There will be race-baiting and misogynistic and/or homophobic insults, and howls of protest about how anybody who mentions those things is the real racist and sexist and America-hater. But here's the thing: None of that is new. These two candidates are unusual, especially in the sense that each inspires intense and unlimited dislike among his or her opponents. There may never before have been an election in which voters on both sides were primarily voting against someone they hate. But virtually everything Trump and Clinton are likely to fling at each other has been flung before. Trump may yet claim the crown as most despicable major-party nominee of all time. He also may join Barry Goldwater, George McGovern and Alf Landon in the historical litany of overwhelming defeats. (Those three are the only candidates to win less than 40 percent of the popular vote in a two-person race.) But if he wants to run the ugliest general-election campaign ever, he's got his work cut out for him.
  • Why The 2016 Election Cycle Could Be The Start of a Totalitarian Strain in U.S. Politics  By : Robert Sharp
    Ignoring rule of law is a classic sign of Totalitarian thinking — and that's exactly Trump's mindset. No matter what the results are for this election cycle, Trump's success in the primaries has exposed a potential shift in U.S. politics toward totalitarian thinking. Many Americans are now openly admitting that they are willing to give absolute power to one person, as long as this power is used to persecute people that they see as enemies. While Totalitarian regimes present themselves as harbingers of a better future, they do so by appealing to the perception of a glorious past that has since been lost due to the mismanagement of the existing politicians. Thus Hitler referenced a Wagnerian vision of Germany as the source of two of the world's great Reichs in order to present his Third Reich as a continuation of German greatness. Similarly, Mussolini invoked the orderliness and domination of Ancient Rome and Renaissance Italy in order to restore an ancient pride that would lead to a new prominence on the world stage. Such leaders follow a common pattern, in which they blame any failures of their society on the incursion of Others, who lack the purity of the true members of the nation-state.
  • Pundit Elites are Completely Hopeless: They Still Can't Acknowledge The Real Reason Donald Trump Happened  By : Eric Boehlert
    Even with the GOP set to nominate a crypto-fascist, pundits refuse to recognize the party's reactionary nature. There is a problem if the media's elite class doesn't understand how one of America's two major parties functions today. It's problematic if the GOP's gone through an ugly transformation, which produces a Trump nominee, and the political press is too timid or too detached to accurately document that radical makeover. Lots of media analysts continue to ignore a central reason for why they missed the Trump surge, and they're still not acknowledging what's driving his success: The truly radical nature of today's Republican Party and its [ RACIST ] right-wing voter base -- aided and abetted by the GOP dominated Congress. Y'know, the conservative movement that cheered Glenn Beck when he called the president of the United States a "racist"; that supported right-wing claims that president Obama was a tyrant who needs to be impeached. (And that he was foreign-born.) The movement that revolves around Rush Limbaugh, who claimed that if Obama weren't black he'd be working as a tour guide in Hawaii, not sitting in the Oval Office, and who insisted Obama ran for office because he resents white America and wants to score some payback.
  • Here's The Thing So Many Ignorant Americans Can't Grasp About 'Commie' Bernie Sanders  By : Peter Ross
    Most people and media pundits who emphatically denounce Bernie Sanders and his supporters -- give reasons which all generally boil down to the fact that he is the reincarnation of Karl Marx and he wants to turn the U.S. into a communist state. That he is so far left of centre that he's basically off the chart. Australian Pete Ross explains why they are dead wrong. On the contrary his "wacky" ideas of free education, free healthcare, regulating banks and corporations and so on are all actually staple ideas of many of the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world. America likes to brand itself 'the land of opportunity'—yet your poster boys for innovation go to Harvard," but from elsewhere in the world, the cost of that opportunity is shockingly high. It looks more and more like the land of oligarchy, where those with privilege move higher and higher up more and more easily, and those below have to scramble with all their might, sacrificing everything and never making a bad decision to even have a shot at being upper middle class. Land of opportunity, huh? Yeah, when the next Facebook is founded by a guy working out of a college dorm at Indiana State, you might be able to say that without irony.
  • Trump 'The Kremlin Candidate' Begins General Election Campaign in a Massive Hole  By : Steven Shepard
    Reports indicate that in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Vladimir Putin's propaganda network is picking sides. The presumptive GOP nominee trails Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by polling margins not seen in a generation. Despite Trump's frequent claims to the contrary, he trails Clinton, his most likely opponent, in nearly every hypothetical general-election poll thus far – often by wide margins. Overall, the HuffPost Pollster average of public polls gives Clinton a 7-point edge, 47 percent to 40 percent. A CNN/ORC International poll conducted just before Tuesday's Indiana primary found Clinton leading Trump by 13 points among registered voters nationally, 54 percent to 41 percent. If Trump's vote share among white women was 50 percent – which would be down from Romney's 56 percent four years ago – that would mean Trump would have to win about 85 percent of white men to win, an astounding percentage and dramatically better than Romney's 62-percent share.
  • Donald Trump is The Nominee From Hell: The Early Numbers are in, And They Spell Disaster For The GOP. Trump's is Burning Republicans To The Ground  By : Heather Digby Parton
    After the 2012 election, post-mortem suggested how the GOP could stay competitive. Trump's undoing all of that work. Trump's election would be catastrophic for the country. Luckily, there's still a chance to stop that from happening. But the damage he's doing to the Republican Party is is severe and, by the time he's finished, it may not be recoverable. Clinton would wallop Trump by 49-36 percent if the election were held today and she'd best Cruz 48-39 percent, according to the poll of 604 likely Florida voters. Needless to say, this is very bad news for the GOP. Unfortunately for them, Donald Trump may be a flash in the pan, but his dominance in the media ensures that the Republican Party is going to be indelibly branded with the garish Trump logo for some time to come. The long lasting effects of this campaign on the Republican Party are profound. By the time the GOP establishment recognized their problems with women and Latinos and young people and attempted to ameliorate them, it was too late. Then, as luck would have it, Trump came along and exploited these dynamics with such an ugly ferocity, and with such success, that it was like trying to push back the tide. If all these numbers hold up and continue to go in the same direction, the GOP won't do a postmortem after this election. Trump is pouring gasoline on the Party and setting it on fire — there won't be enough of it left to conduct an autopsy.
  • This Racist Clown Could Really Win: Ma. Hillary's Lead on Donald Trump is Far From Commanding  By : Matthew Rozsa
    Trump could end up capturing more primary votes than any GOP candidate in history. Do not write him off in November. We need to start worrying about the realistic possibility of a Trump presidency. The problem isn't simply that Clinton's lead over Trump is far from commanding (the most recent polls peg it at anywhere from 3-to-11 percent), but that Trump has inspired so much more enthusiasm than her. Anyone following the Democratic primaries has noticed that most of the enthusiasm, if not the votes, have been going to Bernie Sanders; by contrast, there is little question that Trump is sweeping the Republican Party by storm. While there are factors other than excitement that determine electoral outcomes, Trump certainly has an edge over Clinton in motivating his supporters to actually turn out on Election Day. Democrats should not be complacent about this.
  • We Must Shame Dumb, Bigoted & Racist Trump Fans: The White 'Working Class' are Not Victims!  By : David Masciotra
    It's not smug liberalism to point out Trump backers are ignorant, bigoted and low-educated. What's dangerous is to sympathize with them. White voters in the decades leading up to the Great Society initiative had no objection to generous social programs of assistance for the poor, disabled and illiterate. The Homestead Act, the GI Bill, Social Security, the rural electrification policies of the New Deal, and other public aid programs were uncontroversial – popular with the white working class, because they were the sole beneficiaries of government largesse. It was not until the federal government started spending white tax dollars on anti-poverty relief for "spics" and "niggers" that low-income white voters went into hysterics about the evils of dependency. Up until the Great Society, most government programs were, like Southern hotels and diners, white only. The real story of demographic change in American culture is not the fairly obvious and boring transformation of party constituencies, but the "browning of America." It is not only the presence of minorities, but the power of minorities – in American institutions at all levels – that has many white voters running scared, straight into the arms of a billionaire who just a year ago was probably indifferent to their existence. Trump voters are not deifying their candidate because liberals are mean. They are doing so for the exact reasons they have given journalists and pollsters. They don't like immigrants, and they believe m
  • Drumpfism: Donald Trump Thinks He's a God. Even Worse, His Racist Supporters Agree  By : Phil Torres
    He's wrong about so much, but implores his fans to believe him. Scarily, they do. Call this religion Drumpfism -- after the Trump family's original last name: Drumpf. The appeal of Drumpfism is its similarity to Christianity, the predominant religion among American conservatives. For example, at the heart of Drumpfism is a demand to have faith in the impeccable judgment and sagacity of Donald Trump. Rather than present verifiable evidence to corroborate his claims, Trump habitually implores his audience to "believe me," a locution that translates as "take a leap of faith and simply trust in my abilities." As the right-wing Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer puts it, Trump is "running a campaign on belief." When it comes to building a "beautiful wall" along our southern border or defeating China, Trump's answer is essentially identical to what Christianity tells its followers: "Have faith in God [i.e., Trump] and don't ask too many questions." In a conversation with his disciple Thomas, of "doubting Thomas" fame, Jesus says: "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." This is the central epistemology of Drumpfism, and it's proven to be quite effective among a segment of the American population.
  • Donald Trumps Disdain For Women Oozes 'Stinkily' From His Rear Orifice  By : Cody Cain
    This week, Donald Trump reminded us of something very important: he is "chronic" misogynist who cannot help himself. Women see right through Trump's nonsense about how he loves and cherishes women. A recent Gallup poll shows that a whopping 70% of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump. Therefore his most recent attack on Hillary Clinton has fallen flat. Ironically, and apparently unbeknownst to Trump, Hillary is actually regarded as being very strong on the military as a so-called hawk, even to a fault. In fact, various Republican military hawks have themselves said that Hillary is stronger on the military than Trump.
  • A 'Schlonging' in The Making: How Winning The Nomination Could Be 'Misogynist' Trump's Worst Nightmare  By : Adele M. Stan
    The ancient Greek philosophers saw misogyny as evidence of fear of women. Whatever the original roots of the showman's misogyny, the polls would indicate he has good reason to fear women in November—those, at least, who turn up at the voting booth. Which may explain Trump's urging, in his latest victory speech, of Bernie Sanders, Clinton's flagging Democratic challenger, to run as an independent in the general election. An independent progressive would presumably peel off votes that would have otherwise gone to the Democrat. As Clinton's nomination became all but sealed on Tuesday night, the pundits barely seemed to register the historic nature of it. For the first time, a woman was almost certain to be the standard-bearer of one of the two major political parties in a presidential election. But Donald Trump surely noticed. With his male challengers falling away, Trump is now faced with two outcomes he likely once deemed improbable, if not impossible: that he could win the nomination of the Party of Lincoln, and that he could lose the biggest game of his life—to a woman.
  • The GOP's Eve Of Destruction: The 'Base' Will Drink Kool-Aid No More as Republicans Prepare For Defeat in The Fall  By : Richard North Patterson
    By now, one need not catalog the ignorance, truculence, misogyny and racism which will doom Republicans in the fall. But these fatal flaws have given Trump a base of support among primary voters as obdurate as granite. He has become the bone in the GOP's throat which cannot be dislodged. Lodged within a perception of "strength" a.k.a "Make America Great Again" a.k.a ["Make America White Again"] - is racial animus exacerbated by the election of Barack Obama. It is salient that Trump first surfaced riding the Trojan horse of birtherism, jam-packed with loathing of our first black president. That Trump rallies seethe with racial antagonism is no accident — he is the avatar for those who feel that whites, not minorities, are the victims of discrimination and disdain. Confronted with this disturbing phenomenon, the GOP establishment ran in both directions: some surrendered too soon; others went after Trump too late. The most shattering is the fear and loathing between Trump's blue-collar base and the wealthy donors and ideological conservatives who have labeled them electoral lowlife. This poisonous contempt is the party's due bill for all the years of diversionary rhetoric designed to win votes from working-class Americans. But the establishment's true agenda — lower taxes, free trade, deregulation and fiscal discipline — did nothing to improve their lives. Donald Trump is the expression of their anger, not the cause. They are through with drinking the GOP's Kool-Aid. In short, t
  • To a 'Lobotomized' Press: Donald Trump Will Never (Ever) Be Presidential, Once a Thug, Always a Thug!  By : Eric Boehlert
    The Republican frontrunner is now getting credit for not insulting his opponents. Has our press been lobotomized? We'll soon know for sure whether Trump has any plans to abandon the thuggery that's defined his campaign to date. But his absence from the Sunday shows the past two weeks suggests the campaign may be trying to throttle back his media availability to some extent. Instead of dashing in front of television cameras, or speed dialing into news programs, Trump has taken a step back, as witnessed by his recent Sunday show hiatus. In the unlikely event Trump actually manages to find a softer, more "presidential" tone, and become slightly media shy, will the press dial back its obsessive, celebrity-like coverage, and apply a more critical eye to his wild claims? We've seen the drill over and over. He insulted Mexicans! He insulted Sen. John McCain! He insulted Megyn Kelly! He insulted Carly Fiorina! He insulted the Pope! He insulted Ted Cruz's wife! Months of news cycles have been robotically handed over to the Trump shiny-object coverage.
  • 'Cooning' Uncle Ben Carson Tries To Convince Trevor Noah He's Not Insane For Backing Trump — and He Fails Miserably  By : Brendan Gauthier
    No matter how he tries to explain it, Ben Carson still can't give a good reason for supporting Trump. Dr. Ben Carson, a former brain surgeon is a despicable excuse for a black man -- and earns the "Uncle Tom" label because, quite frankly, he demeans other black people, all while masquerading as a crusader for black causes. How a man so talented in medicine could be such a dimwit outside of said practice is, in itself, a medical mystery.
  • Donald Trump's Avenging Angels: How The Orange-Haired Monster Has Rewritten The History of American Conservatism  By : Rick Perlstein
    We used to talk about Goldwater, Reagan and Buckley. That just doesn't cut it any more. Trump's political debut, after all, came in response to a mugging. Following the infamous attack on a female jogger in Central Park, Trump purchased full pages in four New York newspapers demanding, "Bring Back the Death Penalty. Bring Back Our Police!" All the hallmarks of his present crusade against "political correctness" were in evidence, such as the harkening to that bygone day when men were men, cops were cops, and punks were punks. He concluded: "I miss the feeling of security New York's finest once gave the citizens of this City." As I previously reported, these same police straight-jacketed by liberal timorousness had already coerced the rape suspects into confessions later proven to be false. The now-infamous Ku Klux Klan march through the streets of Queens in 1927, when The New York Times reported "1,000 Klansmen and 100 policemen staged a free-for-all," in which according to one contemporary news report all the individuals arrested were wearing Klan attire, and that one of those arrestees was Donald Trump's own father -- Fred Trump.
  • Trump's Sleazy Nomination Path: Bribery, Threats of Violence and Fantasizing Loud About Bullying Convention Delegates  By : Amanda Marcotte
    Trump is taking a three-pronged approach to winning the nomination in a contested convention: Bribing delegates to vote for him, threatening those who won't take bribes, and hitting the media hard to argue that he is allowed to play dirty because the other guys started it. He has started to flirt more openly with the idea of using a bribes-and-threats strategy to win the nomination, even though he continues to pretend that he's not doing what he's clearly doing. Trump has been using surrogates like Roger Stone to create threatening chatter about violence at the convention and stalking of delegates who vote against Trump, but Trump turned up the volume this weekend by making a thinly veiled threat of violence if he doesn't get his way at the convention in July. By now, after nearly a year of living in our dystopian Trump nightmare, it should be clear that he cannot be killed off by ordinary means. That requires some respect for common decency or, barring that, having something to lose that can be held against them. Trump has neither and positively relishes crashing through and destroying all the carefully laid plans of career politicians.
  • Desperate Trump Makeover: His Months of Bullying & Classless Tactics Have Backfired — But His Strategy Shift Won't Save Him at The Convention  By : Sean Illing
    Trump's trying to "professionalize" his campaign by hiring veteran GOP operatives, but it's likely too late. Trump's only viable path to the nomination includes reaching the magic 1,237 delegate total – otherwise the race will be blown wide open. As Ed O'Keefe pointed out, "When the presidential nomination vote is held at the convention, 95 percent of the delegates will be bound to the results in their states for the first vote.....But if Trump falls short, the convention will cast a second ballot in which more than 1,800 delegates from 31 states – nearly 60 percent of the total – will be unbound and allowed to vote however they want. By the third round, 80 percent of the delegates would be free." Given Trump's paltry support among party insiders, a free-for-all scenario would heavily favor Cruz.
  • 2016 is Already Decided: The 'Kangaroo' Benghazi Hearing, a Rotten Trump and a Backward GOP Has Already Clinched it For Ma. Hillary  By : Doug Sosnik
    Here's How You Know: The most decisive phase of the election has passed; and it's not looking good for the GOP. Regardless of how you do the math, the current environment paints a picture of a Republican Party at the verge of implosion during the most critical period in the presidential campaign. Assuming little changes, years from now people will look back at the decisive nine-day period in mid-October last fall when the stage was set for the 2016 elections. In this narrow window, Hillary Clinton soundly routed Bernie Sanders in the first and single most important Democratic debate of the season, Vice President Biden announced that he wouldn't run for president and Clinton publicly demonstrated her strength and fortitude during 11 hours of testimony in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi—a hearing that resembled a Kangaroo Court. Meanwhile, loudly and in full view, sitting high atop the polls facing little or no resistance, Donald Trump was gathering steam toward the Republican nomination and a backward-looking Republican Party was gasping its last breath.
  • Unilateral Surrender of Power: How The GOP Made Obama One of America's Most Powerful Presidents  By : Zachary Karabell
    By stonewalling new laws and new budgets, Congress handed control to the White House. Republicans are hardly passive victims of an overweening executive; they are, in fact, paying for their own unilateral surrender of power. The GOP-dominated Congress has sought to weaken and undermine Obama and instead has achieved the opposite. Unable to pass significant legislation after the Affordable Care Act, the Obama White House filled the vacuum by creative use of executive authority, setting a potentially risky precedent for the future balance between the branches but spurred, ironically, by the very opponents who were trying to contain him.
  • Inside Ted Cruz's Dark, Twisted World: Why His Far-Right Social Views are Even Scarier Than You Think  By : Heather Digby Parton
    It will come as no shock that Ted Cruz is an extremist. But it might surprise to learn just how extreme he is. Ted Cruz's confrontational political philosophy is revolutionary. His policy agenda is at the farthest edge of conservative movement thinking, even including gold buggery and the abolition of the IRS and half a dozen other agencies and functions of the federal government. His foreign policy advisers include anti-Muslim cranks like Frank Gaffney. His ideology is doctrinaire right wing conservative. And he is a fanatical conservative evangelical Christian whose beliefs place him at the fringe of an already non-mainstream worldview. And then there is his father Rafael Cruz, who is counted among the most militant extremist preachers in the country and who believes his son was sent by God to turn America into a theocracy.
  • Hey, Democrats, Stop Gloating — Your Party is Imploding Right Before Your Eyes, Too  By : Steve Almond
    The enduring lesson of Campaign 2016 for Democrats is that the center cannot hold. Republicans aren't the only party facing an historic rift. Over the past two weeks, it's become increasingly obvious that grassroots liberals are thoroughly disgusted by their own party establishment. A growing plurality of democratic voters wants a true progressive agenda. If Clinton and party insiders ignore this reality, such voters will begin to look elsewhere. They will not view themselves as having left the Party. The Party will have left them.
  • Trump Chokeholds and Tries To Hijack America  By : Roger Simon
    Trump does not have a tight core. His advisers do not work on policies; they work on chokeholds. And should Trump become president they may already be planning to force NBC to change the name of its premier Sunday show from "Meet the Press" to "Beat the Press." Unlike Ronald Reagan, Trump has no ideology to fall back on. Unlike Richard Nixon, Trump is not power-hungry. He is like a kid who steals cars to take a joy ride, not because he wants a car. Today, Trump wants to joyride the United States. After eight years, he'll give it back. He thinks it won't matter; he thinks you won't mind. That's how foolish he really is.
  • Donald Trump is a Domestic Terrorist: Why The Demagogue's Violent Provocations Demand Judicial Action  By : Alton Frye
    Trump threatens riots if he's not nominated. Let's let the courts decide if this is politically protected speech. He laments that his followers cannot follow the practice of older days when protesters were carried out of political meetings on stretchers. He expresses regret that he cannot punch protesters in the face. While he may not have engaged in violence himself, his inflammatory comments are virtual invitations for others to do so on his behalf — witness his campaign manager's arrest for assault. Allowing Trump's terrorism to hover over the political process is poisonous to America's political health. No one should be allowed to threaten his way to power.
  • Spreading Hate Has Backfired on Right-Wing Media: How Fox News Unwittingly Destroyed The Republican Party  By : Cody Cain
    For years, Fox News has profited from its vicious, divisive rhetoric — and now a steep price is being paid. The Republican Party has been fomenting anger and discontent in the base of its own Party for years. The mechanism through which this hate has been disseminated has been the network of extremist media of right-wing talk radio and the Fox News Channel, which is essentially talk radio transposed onto television. From Nazi Germany in the 1930s to Bosnia and Rwanda in the 1990s, history is replete with examples of propaganda's effectiveness as a tool for shaping public opinion. Propaganda is powerful stuff. Many people are susceptible to it and can be swayed by it, especially the less educated. The base of the Republican Party became a Frankenstein. It became radicalized into an extreme movement that turned against the established order, including the leadership of the Republican Party itself. It has become a monster of its own that is now roaming the countryside and terrorizing the very political party that created it.
  • Bill Clinton Needs To Go Away: Why His Presidency Has Become a Political Liability  By : Daniel Denvir
    In a widely circulated video last week, Clinton defended programs that have ballooned both prison and poverty rates. Bill Clinton is no doubt his wife's double-edged sword: Though he is among the most charismatic politicians of his era, he's also prone to saying things that make campaign life rather awkward. The big problem, however, isn't just that Bill Clinton can't keep his mouth shut. It's that his right-leaning New Democrat policy record is a bad fit for today's liberal politics.
  • America's Ignorant Future: We Let The Idiots Take The Wheel -- Donald Trump, Fox (Fixed) News and How We Let Our Democracy Rot  By : David Masciotra
    The Disgraceful state of politics is tied to collapse of education. Philistines are marching, swarming Trump rallies. Two-thirds of Americans cannot name a single Supreme Court justice, and half are incapable of identifying all three branches of government. Forty-two percent of the public does not believe in evolutionary biology, while 24 percent believe that the sun orbits the earth. Nearly a quarter of Americans read below the fifth-grade level, which helps to explain why only 29 percent read a newspaper, and why 24 percent of Americans do not read even one book a year. To divorce the abysmal state of education from the downward turn of American politics straight into the sewer is to deny the connection between drinking battery acid and vomiting. The philistines and modern-day know-nothings are on the march, and they all seem to show up at the Trump rally. In a recent essay, when I pointed out that Trump's supporters are delusional to blame Mexicans and Muslims for their problems, and that when searching for suspects responsible for their hardships, they would have more luck with a mirror, many liberals condemned me as a "snobbish" and "heartless." While the former is possibly true, the latter is not. Compassion does not necessitate lying to people in order to coddle and comfort them in their own self-destructive behavior. Studies showing that Trump's supporters are the lowest educated of all constituencies, and that they are highly susceptible to laughable conspiracy ....
  • Bribery, Threats and More: Donald Trump's Got an Evil But Cunning Strategy To Win a Brokered Convention  By : Amanda Marcotte
    Trump's team is crafting a plan to pay off and threaten delegates, and a ready excuse to justify unethical choices. Public statements and behavior from the Trump team suggest they have a strategy is place, one that will be as effective as it is unethical. Piecing it together from public statements, it seems they have put together a simple but deadly three point plan. Bribery is point number one: Trump could fly delegates in on his private jet, offer them all-expenses paid trips to his own resorts, and wine and dine them at the convention. To make it worse, convention rules were written before super PACs became a thing, meaning that these groups can lavish all sorts of money on delegates and use anonymity to skirt convention rules barring corporate money from influencing events.
  • Ignorance, Racism & Rage: The GOP's Transformation To The 'Party of Stupid' Started Long Before Donald FrankenTRUMP  By : Amy Kittelstrom
    Shift from conscience-driven party of Lincoln to anger-driven party of Trump/Cruz has been 50 years in the making. The presidential candidacy of the bigoted, misogynist, ignorant Trump is a creature of the party's own making. First, Republicans allowed bigotry safe haven under the guise of morality, in the very name of morality, by broadcasting scary tales of black urban life as though it were proof of the irredeemable inferiority of African Americans. Second, the Republican Party adopted fixed positions on issues. Finally, the Republican Party has increasingly refused to engage in meaningful dialogue with its opponents. To echo the words of Malcolm X in 1963, the Trump candidacy is as clear a case of chickens coming home to roost as ever history did see.
  • This Time Around Republicans are 'Openly' Talking About How The Will RIG The 2016 Elections  By : Bob Cesca
    The GOP's Worst Kept Secret: Republicans Can't Stop Blabbing About Their Plans To Suppress The Vote and Rig Our Electoral System. More People voting hurts Republicans — so they're openly trying to prevent it. Participation in the democratic process should be simple and universal. But, once again, fear of skin color is being exploited in order to win elections for Republicans. Coupled with the well-worn Southern Strategy, one of the two major political parties in America is oppressing minority voters in an attempt to win elections.
  • Donald Trump's 'Days of Rage': As The GOP Primary Reaches its Tipping Point, Trump Prepares For All-Out-War at Cleveland Convention  By : Heather Digby Parton
    Ted Cruz won big last night, dramatically increasing chances of a brokered convention. Trump accused Cruz of stealing the Wisconsin primary with the illegal help of his Super PAC and the GOP establishment. It is tantamount to a declaration of war. This is about to get ugly.
  • 2016 Elections is a War For America's Soul: How Wealthy 'Post-Slavery' White Elites Protect Themselves  By : Heather Cox Richardson
    It's the elites vs the people in this presidential campaign, and nothing less than democracy is at stake. Like today's Republicans, slaveholders advanced the elitist version of America when they realized that they no longer controlled a majority of the popular vote. They were accustomed to using the government to advance their own interests, and had no intention of permitting their domination of the country to erode. To entrench their authority, they glorified their culture, rewrote American history, manipulated the laws, and tried to override the popular will. Republicans today are in the same predicament, and they are using the same formula. Even if all Americans could vote freely, the gerrymandering that took place after the 2010 census meant that Republicans could hold the House even without a majority. Republican donors poured money into state campaigns in 2010 with the express purpose of enabling Republicans to redraw state districts, and it worked. In 2012, House Democratic candidates won 1.37 million more votes than Republicans candidates did, but took only 201 seats. The Republicans took 237. Also in 2010, the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizen's United case guaranteed that elites can contribute their money freely to have disproportionate influence on elections.
  • It's So Much Worse Than Trump: The History of The Modern GOP is Bathed in Racism, Bigotry and Dog-Whistles  By : Phillip Cryan
    The party of Lincoln? Sure, in 1858. Today's GOP wants to pretend Trump is an outlier. They should look in a mirror. Sadly, the bigotry, misogyny, and white-supremacist demagoguery on ugly display right now in the Republican presidential primary race are no aberration. They are as American as apple pie. A crushing electoral defeat this November for Trump and everything he stands for would be one very important step toward sending some of the ugliest, most bigoted parts of our political culture where they belong (and where some of us may have wrongly allowed ourselves to think, until recently, they already resided): a past we can all celebrate having put behind us.
  • Trump's Most Terrifying Interview Yet: Why His Sit Down With Bob Woodward & Robert Costa Should Have America Petrified  By : Heather Digby Parton
    In a conversation with the Washington Post, Trump demonstrated exactly why he's so dangerous (STUPID) in 2016. The interview is long but it's well worth reading. It does leave you with a sense of a Donald Trump you don't normally see in such an extended way and it's downright surreal that he's very close to winning the Republican nomination for president. How is it possible that a man with such overwhelming solipsism and titanic ego can have so little knowledge to show for it?
  • The GOP Doesn't Hate Trump's Ideas, They Just Hate His 'Revealing' Optics  By : Daniel Denvir
    Last week provided evidence anew that the GOP's anti-Trump crusade is motivated by politics, not principle. There's a lot to find terrifying about Trump. The call to close the border to Muslims. The misogyny. The description of Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. The incitement to violence. But what really rattles the Republican establishment is that that he vocalizes the hateful red meat, which the establishment has dished out to its base for years, in the all-too-honest language in which the base is fluent. That and his economic and foreign policy heresies, and the fact that he's a rich guy in trashy nouveau riche garb, appealing to the rabble's worst arriviste pretensions.
  • Donald Trump is The Pinnacle of Republican — And American — Stupidity  By : Conor Lynch
    Why his campaign consummates decades of rising anti-intellectualism: It's not that we've never seen anyone like Trump before. He's just finishing the job begun by Reagan, Bush & Palin. Since 2008, ignorance has increasingly become a political principle in Republican circles. After Obama defeated McCain and Palin, the reactionary Tea Party movement arose, and anti-intellectualism and extremism began to infiltrate the GOP. (While the Republican establishment has long exploited the ignorance of voters, it managed to keep the more reactionary figures in line, until recently.) Leading Tea Party Republicans like Michele Bachmann, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, and of course, Donald Trump, have found tremendous success in being about as unsophisticated and uninformed as possible. Trump represents the culmination of Republican — and American — stupidity. For many voters, his ignorance of both foreign and domestic issues is offset by his bold and folksy rhetoric, along with his absolute confidence, which, as Bill Maher recently noted, "is perfect for the country that scores low in math and science but off the charts in self-esteem." Trump, of course, didn't invent the politics of simplemindedness. Republican patron saint Ronald Reagan was incredibly ill-informed and even hostile toward learnedness, but he was an actor who could pull off inspiring speeches with a kind of paternal charm. The same cannot be said for our last president, George W. Bush, whom ....
  • The 'Intellectual Right' Gyrates To Pretend 'Trumpism' Wasn't Always Part of The Racist, Satanic Republican Party  By : Neal Gabler
    Trump coverage is the smoking gun and CNN is the corpse. The media have always gone easy on Paul Ryan(House Speaker), way too easy, treating him as if he were a real economic guru, when, in fact, no one who worships Ayn Rand as the prophet should be anywhere near government — or books. But the pining for Ryan in the "smart" right-wing media just goes to show how utterly baffled the right-wing press is. Guys like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush enabled them to indulge their fantasies of a smart, gentle conservatism that allegedly worked, never mind that the George W. Bush administration proved it didn't. Now Donald Trump has blown up those fantasies, and the right-wing media are as confused as the right wing itself.
  • Uh-Oh: Where Does All The 'Racist' White Rage Go When Donald Trump Loses and The 'Make America WHITE Again' Dream Fizzles?  By : Michael Bourne
    They are too angry to sit still. Too many to ignore. But too few to elect a president. Where do they go after Trump? Trump is openly at war with his own party, and even if that badly splintered organization magically unites behind him after the convention, there simply are not enough angry white people in America to elect him president. We may already be getting a chilling preview of a possible post-Trump future in the spasms of seemingly random gun violence such as those at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs and the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. Neither of these alleged shooters has been brought to trial and there is much we do not know, but what is clear that we are in the midst of an unprecedented epidemic of mass shootings, a disturbing number of which seem to be carried out recently by emotionally troubled white men harboring right-wing views.
  • Latest Projections: Electoral Doom For Both Trump and Republicans in November  By : Sean Illing
    All the numbers spell disaster for Trump. Larry Sabato's prediction in a Clinton-Trump matchup shows an electoral college rout for Democrats. As The Washington Post reports, "If Donald Trump secures the Republican presidential nomination, he would start the general election campaign as the least-popular candidate to represent either party in modern times…Three-quarters of women view him unfavorably. So do nearly two-thirds of independents, 80 percent of young adults, 85 percent of Hispanics and nearly half of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents." Experts estimate that Democrats are likely to secure 347 Electoral College votes to a paltry 191 for Republicans (again, this is assuming it's Clinton versus Trump). Given Trump's limited appeal with women, minorities, and independents, a landslide victory for Clinton – or Sanders, for that matter – is more than a little plausible.
  • 'President' Trump Vows To Punish 'Criminal' Women Who Have Abortions  By : Amanda Marcotte
    Donald Trump says he wants to punish women who have abortions, making him just like every other "pro-life" politician. "There has to be some form of punishment," Trump said of his proposed abortion ban. Later on Wednesday, Trump attempted to walk back his position -- by shifting to the apparently more acceptable belief that women are drooling idiots who cannot be trusted with something as simple as a medical decision regarding their own body.
  • The American Freedom Party (Racist White Nationalists) Propose a Cabinet For 'President Trump'  By : Jason Linkins and Dana Liebelson
    White Nationalists Have Figured Out Who Should Be In President Trump's Cabinet. Ann Coulter, Elon Musk and a certain plucky senator from Vermont are included. In a lengthy press release circulated Monday, AFP director Tom Sunic, who claims to be a Croatian diplomat, lays out the party's ideal membership of Trump's cabinet, one that will definitely work to provide a "bulkhead against the forces that are destroying the peoples of European extraction worldwide." AFP's chairman, William Johnson, an attorney based in Los Angeles, is nominated as secretary of agriculture, apparently based on his experience as a "farmer." He notes that food stamps and food subsidies will be "powerful tools to achieve repatriation of... illegal aliens." To make things not as #TrumpCabinetSoWhite as they could be, sleepy-eyed Uncle-Tom, Dr. Ben Carson would take over the role of surgeon general. Anti-immigration kook Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is the AFP's choice to run the State Department. The aforementioned Coulter would serve as — oh, man, you guys — the director of homeland security(because she would "do what needs doing," and who thought those four words could ever sound so terrifying). Finally, Alaska's former HALF-Governor Sarah Palin -- would be President Trump's chief of staff, a role that would involve dismantling a number of other government posts, among them the secretary of education. So, the most difficult and demanding job in any presidential administration would be given to .....
  • Donald Trump's Reign of Bullshit: He's Not Lying To Us, He's Just Completely Full Of It!  By : Eldar Sarajlic
    The more likely reason for the mainstream conservative opposition to Trump is the fact that he threatens to reveal the true face of American conservative politics. Namely, the bullshit he produces every day has only so much success in hiding what lies beneath: the deeply embedded instinct for racial and economic domination, white over black, rich over poor. This deep structure rises to the surface at every Trump rally, whenever a mass of his supporters gathers together. Hands raised to a Nazi salute, beatings of blacks, journalists and dissenters are the flip side of the bullshit rhetoric. Basically, Trump threatens to reveal something most conservative politicians are trying to hide: that American conservatism is not an ideology of limited government or public virtue, but as Corey Robin argues, a "mode of counterrevolutionary practice" to preserve hierarchy and power of white and rich elites over non-white and poor masses. There's a difference between a liar and a bullshitter -- and it helps explain the essence of Donald Trump. Trump has successfully made language irrelevant, at least among his supporters (potentially half of the country). He indicated this himself when he said that his supporters are so passionate about him that even if we walked down Fifth Avenue and shot a person they would still love him. Although it did not sound like that, this was a statement about language, and not about Trump's potential murderous actions. What he meant by this is that his
  • 1,237: Donald Trump's Giant Convention Con-JOB  By : Mickey Edwards
    The front-runner is desperately trying to change party rules, turning a loss into a win he doesn't deserve. Trump's contention is that even if he falls short, it's clear that as the primary front-runner he is the overwhelming choice of Republicans; and, to deny him the nomination would be, in effect, stealing it from him. But actually, by that measure, to allow the convention to nominate Trump without his having won the requisite number of delegate votes would be the real theft: The truth is, Donald Trump is not the overwhelming choice of most Republicans. In fact, Trump is a man thoroughly despised by most Republicans. We have clear evidence of this embarrassing fact because Trump, with his bluster and insults, has made the nominating contest almost entirely about him: For months, voters have been deciding for or against Donald Trump, the main question being which of the candidates arrayed against him would be the one best positioned to stop him. More important, however, than the effect on the Republican Party, a Trump nomination could result in putting the presidency of the United States in the hands of a dangerous and bigoted demagogue who would not only undermine any claim to American exceptionalism—our constitutional commitment to human values and the rule of law—but also possibly draw the country into a series of high-level confrontations with nations around the world.
  • The World is Horrified: A Donald Trump Presidency Would Damage America For Decades  By : Phil Torres
    Donald Trump would be scarier than George W. Bush: His unserious, incendiary approach would damage America for decades — and we should be terrified. A Trump presidency would result in a catastrophic deterioration of our already compromised moral authority in the world. Trump has repeatedly said that he would "bomb the shit out of them," meaning the Islamic State. Perhaps this sounds like a good plan to the predominantly uneducated white people who support Trump, but to scholars who actually study the phenomenon of Islamic terrorism, bombing in the group would have catastrophically negative consequences for U.S. national security. I suspect that Trump and his followers will never know just how much his unprofessional, incendiary, uninformed approach to politics will compromise our wounded reputation and even-more-wounded moral authority in the world today.
  • Donald Trump's Shocking Ignorance of Government Policy, Laid Bare -- at WAPO Editorial Board Meeting  By : Eugene Robinson
    The Post's Eugene Robinson says that the transcript of the meeting -- "is one of the most chilling documents I've read in a long time." "I am appalled at how little he knows — and truly frightened." Please read the transcript. Then decide whether it's conceivable to put a man who knows so little in charge of so much.
  • Obama's Popularity is Spiking — Further Dooming The GOP's Chances of Saving its Sinking Ship  By : Simon Maloy
    Another reason for Republicans to feel terrible: Republicans argue that Barack Obama is a uniquely disastrous president, but his approval rating is on the rise. Other than a recovering economy and policies supported widely by the electorate, it's probably safe to assume that the Republican primary is also helping Obama. Trump, the GOP frontrunner is galumphing about on the national stage and insulting just about every minority group as he encourages violence at his rallies and picks petty fights with women on TV and making dick jokes.
  • Most Racists Back Donald Trump: New Poll Suggests Racial Resentment Above All is Driving Trump's Rise  By : Sean Illing
    Trump has easily exploited identity politics, seducing white voters who project their anger against minorities. The border wall is a symbolic gesture, a metaphorical middle finger to the nebulous "other." It won't bring back any jobs; it won't resuscitate the manufacturing sector; and it won't make America any whiter or safer than it already is. But for the disillusioned Trump voter, it's a palliative nevertheless. The Trump voters tend to believe their "losses are being caused by other group's gains." Like all fascists (and Trump may not be a fascist, but he employs fascistic rhetoric), Trump is giving people predisposed to fear the "other" the boogeymen they need. Even better, he's promising to build a giant wall to keep them out.
  • The Poisonous and 'Circular' Conservative Thinking That Caused The Flint Water Crisis  By : Dana Milbank
    It's a vicious cycle: Washington(Federal Government) devolves power to the states. When states screw up, conservatives blame the federal government, worsening the public's already shaky faith. Having tied the hands of the feds — in this case, the EPA — they use the failure as justification to restrict federal power further, thus giving more control to the states, which caused the problem in the first place.
  • What 'Populist' Bernie Sanders Has Achieved  By : John Cassidy
    It's too early to say what Bernie Sanders's legacy will be, but he has already done more than just pull Hillary Clinton to the left. Even Republicans have been taking up some of Sanders's themes. "The top one per cent under President Obama, the millionaires and billionaires that he constantly demagogued, earned a higher share for our national income than any year since 1928," Ted Cruz said earlier this year. Donald Trump has talked about the need to raise taxes on hedge-fund managers and leveraged-buyout tycoons. John Kasich has rebranded himself as a champion for the poor and excluded. Of course, the regressive tax policies that Cruz, Trump, and Kasich are advocating would exacerbate inequality, rather than reduce it, but the fact that Republicans have felt obliged to address these issues at all surely owes something to Sanders and the populist wave that he represents. Arguing powerfully and passionately Sanders has repeatedly and effectively assailed money in politics: "American democracy is not about billionaires being able to buy candidates and elections," he said in launching his campaign. "It is not about the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and other incredibly wealthy individuals spending billions of dollars to elect candidates who will make the rich richer and everyone else poorer..... This is not democracy. This is oligarchy."
  • The ReTRUMPlican Party: A Thug With Money Has Taken Over The GOP  By : Timothy Egan
    Crackpot Party Crackup: The Republican Party, under Trump, is headed for a combustive breakup. Ronald Reagan envisioned a shining city on a hill. Trump represents nothing more than a thug with money. Come July Republicans will be forced to accept many awful, un-American stands when Trump becomes the standard-bearer. If you're young, nonwhite, science-based and civil, there will be nothing in it for you. And these stands will be rejected in every precinct of the United States where hope still beats hate, which is a majority, albeit a shrinking one.
  • Donald Trump's New Foreign Policy Advisers Are as Rotten as His Steaks  By : Shane Harris
    The wannabe POTUS rolls out his global brain trust: a collection of charlatans including a Christian hate-monger and a Bush-era official who blocked investigations of his pals.
  • The Blind Leading The Dumb: Like Bush Trump Just isn't Very Smart  By : Lawrence M. Krauss
    Trump just isn't very smart, in spite of his frequent self-assessments to the contrary. Like George W. Bush he has very little intellectual curiosity about the world around him, and like Bush, he seems to be relatively unaware of his own limitations in this regard. But unlike Bush he appears to have few knowledgeable resources to lean on, and little willingness to do so if he did. Either Trump only talks to those who play up to his delusion, or he simply doesn't listen to those who might burst his bubble. Either way, that is a cause for worry. We have seen in Iraq, or following the flooding in New Orleans, how a president without a willingness to question the basic facts that advisors may provide him with, can embroil this country in dangerous and ultimately disastrous policy decisions. For all of his bravado, obnoxiousness, hatred, and vitriol, the scariest thing about Trump is his unique combination of ignorance about the world, convolved with ignorance about himself.
  • Ex-KKK Leader: Why Racists Like Trump  By : Jen Yamato
    Former KKK Grand Dragon Explains Why Racists Like Trump. Scott Shepherd, once a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan—and David Duke's ex-right-hand man—discusses why Donald Trump is appealing to white supremacists. Trump speaks to the issues that America's white supremacists care about. "They're latching onto him because his campaign is pretty much in line with their beliefs," says Shepherd. "They all feel like they've not been given a fair handshake, and that their rights have been taken and priority has been given to people of color."
  • Donald Trump is a Delusional Cry-Baby: In the GOP's Long-CON, Rich White People are The 'New Victims'  By : Chauncey DeVega
    Fox News, Trump and the Republican Party have taught (lied to) conservatives the insane fiction that they are marginalized. Donald Trump knows his audience well and how best to pluck their strings of discontent. He is a master merchant of white (right-wing) victimology. The notion that white people are "victims" in the United States is absurd. As a group, white Americans have more wealth, income and other financial assets than all other racial groups combined. White families hold 90 percent of the national wealth. Hispanic families hold 2.3 percent of the national wealth. Black families hold 2.6 percent of the national wealth.(via Demos Group).
  • 25 Things Trump Can Say  By : John Sammon.
    The point is he could say these things and not only get away with it, but his supporters would cheer and vote for him
  • Sticking it To The GOP: Obama's Nomination of Merrick Garland is a Lot More Ruthless Than it Looks  By : Elias Isquith
    The president's nomination of an alleged moderate has some liberals scratching their heads. They shouldn't. Merrick Garland Is Obama's Rope-a-Dope Nominee. The president has learned to let the GOP punch itself out. Merrick Garland, the appellate chief judge whom President Obama has nominated to the Supreme Court, is not going to become a Supreme Court justice before the election or probably ever. One imagines that both he and Obama are aware of this. He is a prop, chosen to spend the next eight months as a prop. What Garland does—and he should be commended for doing it—is take the bullet for whichever candidates-in-waiting Democrats really hope to get on the Supreme Court one day, whether that's Sri Srinivasan, Paul Watford, Jane Kelly, or whoever. Had any of those candidates been nominated, Republicans would have deemed them radically liberal from the start and drawn the bad-faith argument backward from there, just as they're going to attempt with Garland now.
  • The Trump Supporters Hate Map: Tracing Acts of Harrassment and Violence at Rallies from Coast to Coast  By : Steven Rosenfeld
    Everyone knows that Donald Trump likes to lift himself up by putting others down and viciously attacking people. But Trump has also encouraged his supporters at rallies to get aggressive and violent with protesters in their midst. This has led to incidents across the country where Trump supporters have targeted minorities—and similar behavior has emerged beyond campaign rally sites.
  • The Beast Is Us 'WHITE PEOPLE' Not Donald Trump  By : Timothy Egan
    Donald Trump's supporters know exactly what he stands for: hatred of immigrants, racial superiority, a sneering disregard of the basic civility that binds a society. Educated and poorly educated alike, men and women — they know what they're getting from him. This idea that people are following Trump only for the celebrity joy ride, that if they just understood the kind of radical, anti-American ideas he advocates they would drop him, is garbage. It's certainly no coincidence that the race haters, immigrant bashers and religious hucksters who've been at the fringe for some time are all in for Donald Trump. With media complicity, Trump has unleashed the beast that has long resided not far from the American hearth, from those who started a Civil War to preserve the right to enslave a fellow human to the Know-Nothing mobs who burned Irish-Catholic churches out of fear of immigrants. The German magazine Der Spiegel called Trump "the world's most dangerous man." The Germans know a thing or two about the topic.
  • No, Not Trump, Not Ever  By : David Brooks
    Donald Trump is an affront to basic standards of honesty, virtue and citizenship. He pollutes the atmosphere in which our children are raised. He has already shredded the unspoken rules of political civility that make conversation possible. He is a childish man running for a job that requires maturity. He is an insecure boasting little boy whose desires were somehow arrested at age 12. He surrounds himself with sycophants. In his savage regime, public life is just a dog-eat-dog war of all against all.
  • Yuk it Up, America. While You Still Can  By : Roger Simon
    Simon says: That's all Trump wants: a good time. A steak, a bottle of wine and knocking the heck out of somebody. The front-runner of the Republican Party is pretending to be an unabashed bigot and outright thug.
  • Ted Cruz's 'National Security' Team is a Rogue's Gallery of War-Mongering Torturers and 'Cuckoo-For-Cocoa-Puff' Bigots  By : Staff Writer
    Notorious Islamophobe Frank Gaffney To Join Cruz National Security Team. Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), is reportedly a member of GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-TX) national security advisory team. The Southern Policy Law Center has termed CSP an anti-Muslim hate group, and Gaffney has a history of pushing bigoted anti-Muslim smears and conspiracy theories.
  • What Will a Trump Presidency Look Like? 'The Rise of the Nazis' Is a Pretty Good Guide  By : Thom Hartmann
    Hundreds of hours a day of right-wing programming pour out of television and radio stations nationwide, and conservative extremists (and their politician puppets) are the most common guests and experts on network news and weekend political TV shows. It was a set-up that was perfect for a fascist like Trump, and he is not the first one to employ this formula to rise in power. As you can see, the formula is indeed simple. Identify real problems within a society, such as crime, poverty and unemployment. Invent a conspiracy about who is responsible for these problems. Say it is led by a specific group (Muslims, immigrants, liberals), and hyperinflate a few anecdotes to make that conspiracy seem vast and powerful. It was the formula Hitler used, and as Trump has proven, it still works today. It is, in fact, the most consistently reliable way for demagogues to gain power. It works because it's gradual but relentless, and progressively absorbs — and then intimidates or co-opts — both government and the media. Even many of the so-called liberal news networks perpetuate those extremist views by failing to denounce the hateful smears against Muslims and African Americans and Mexicans and women. Former MSNBC producer Jeff Cohen told me (and wrote in his book "Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media" that he was ordered by the network always to have at least two conservatives on the Donahue show whenever one liberal appeared, "and three conservatives to Michael M....
  • Republican Gotterdammerun: The Eminent Demise of the Republican Party  By : John Sammon.
    Trump and Cruz are the best things to happen to Hillary Clinton: Approximately 45 percent of the women in this country are Democrats as opposed to 25 percent Republican. How can Trump or Cruz win this block? How do you think most women, who are Democrats, will vote given the chance for the first woman president in history? Approximately 80 percent to 70 percent of blacks in the country are Democrats. Let's assume they are not as fond of Hillary as they were of Obama, the first black president in American history. Let's assume Hillary gets only 60 percent of the African American vote. That leaves 30 percent or less for Trump and Cruz. It's a better-than-even-money bet that both Trump and Cruz are too extreme for all Republicans. If we're generous, we could say that either one of them would get about seventy-five percent of the Republican vote. Trump has said he will throw Hispanics out of the country and Hillary will run countless TV ads showing Trump saying we need to build a wall against Mexicans. Hillary will get a landslide Hispanic vote, ninety percent or better. The Republican Party is doomed because it cannot offer up a candidate that has cross-over appeal to races, groups, ideologies, in other words, the ability to pull votes from people who don't look like you and who don't believe what you believe. The fact that the Republican Party can't seem to understand that lacking a centralist candidate, a candidate whose views are moderate enough to draw from the center of the
  • Obama's 'Gangster' Move in Nominating Merrick Garland For Supreme Court is Another Big Nightmare For The GOP  By : Paul Campos
    Obama's gutsy "Godfather" move: Merrick Garland nomination is as big a GOP nightmare as Donald Trump. Trump or Cruz is likely to go down in flames, taking GOP senators with him. So do they take the best deal possible? Obama's nomination puts these senators in a terrible bind. If they carry through with their we-just-made-it-up-on-the-spot principle, and refuse to even give an indisputably moderate nominee such as Garland a hearing, they will look like petty obstructionists to swing voters in their home states (engaging in petty obstruction tends to be the kind of thing that makes you look like a petty obstructionist). All 24 of them might just go down with Trump or Cruz in November.
  • 'Marco-BOT' Shuts Down: The End Of Marco Rubio's Campaign is a Dodged Bullet For America  By : Jonathan Chait
    Rubio's foreign policy was pure retrograde neoconservatism. On social issues, he defended a complete ban on abortion without exception, even in cases of rape and incest. His propensity to panic under pressure would have made him all the more dangerous in office. His substantive extremism would have proven a liability in general election campaign, but it was entirely plausible to believe that Rubio could have smuggled his right-wing policies past the electorate by running on cheerful slogans and a winning smile. The potential to do so is why Rubio may well find himself atop his party's ticket in a future election. In the meantime, his failure is a bullet dodged.
  • King of Punks  By : John Sammon.
    Trump Supporters are Often Under-Educated Young White Guys (Punks). This is the man who said he would be a "Uniter" of the country and Trump said it with a straight face. Does he actually believe this? Trump dismissively explains away acts of violence with the turgid shit-stink retort, "He just got carried away."
  • Deluded Uncle-Tom: Ben Carson Endorses Trump -- Who Once Compared Him To a 'Child-Molester'; Says He Received 'Wisdom From God'  By : Sophia Tesfaye
    This despicable excuse for a black man -- earns the "Uncle Tom" label because, quite frankly, he demeans other black people, all while masquerading as a crusader for black causes. Take a look at his remarks during a visit to Harlem this past August and you"ll see a wide assortment of instances where Carson was dismissive to black causes in lieu of Republican talking points, while criticizing the 90+ percent of black voters who support democrats. There are two fields commonly associated with high degrees of intelligence: rocket scientist and brain surgeon are lauded as the "smartest" professions around, according to various streams of our vernacular anyway. But Dr. Ben Carson, a former brain surgeon, disproves that theory practically every time he speaks. How a man so talented in medicine could be such a dimwit outside of said practice is, in itself, a medical mystery.
  • The 'Long' History of U.S. Presidential Penis Innuendo and How Misogynist Trump Plans To 'Unman' Clinton  By : Joseph Cummins
    Trump and Rubio have taken the unmanning to new heights, but it's been a feature of U.S. politics since the beginning. With Hillary Clinton as the likely Democratic nominee, if Trump makes it to the general election, he'll be faced with an entirely new problem in presidential politics: How do you "unman" a woman? So far, for Trump, the answer to that question has been a two-step process. He insinuates Clinton is more manly than feminine: He's made sarcastic remarks about her "pantsuits," hinted that she's a lesbian and remarked on the length of her "disgusting" bathroom break during the Democratic debate in December. And then, with comments like "She goes home, goes to sleep. I'm telling you. She doesn't have the strength. She doesn't have the stamina," he unmans her.
  • Noam Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of 'Utter Disaster'  By : C.J. Polychroniou
    "American democracy, always limited, has been drifting substantially toward plutocracy," Noam Chomsky says. "But these tendencies are not graven in stone." "It is presumed that the fifth extinction was caused by a huge asteroid that hit the earth. Now we are the asteroid." "Trump's predominantly white supporters can see that their image of a white-run society is dissolving before their eyes." "American democracy, always limited, has been drifting substantially toward plutocracy. But these tendencies are not graven in stone."
  • Louis C.K. on Donald Trump: 'The Guy is Hitler. He's an Insane Bigot. He is Dangerous'  By : Marianne Zumberge
    Louis C.K. is the latest public figure to criticize Donald Trump, calling him an "insane bigot" and comparing him to Adolf Hitler. C.K. added, "Trump is not your best. He's the worst of all of us. He's a symptom to a problem that is very real. But don't vote for your own cancer. You're better than that." "Trump is a messed up guy with a hole in his heart that he tries to fill with money and attention. He can never ever have enough of either and he'll never stop trying. He's sick. Which makes him really really interesting. And he pulls you towards him which somehow feels good or fascinatingly bad. He's not a monster. He's a sad man. But all this makes him horribly dangerous if he becomes president. Give him another TV show. Let him pay to put his name on buildings. But please stop voting for him. And please watch Horace and Pete."
  • How Trump Stole The Gullible, Ignorant and Racist Viewers From Fox News and The GOP  By : Phil Torres
    Too Loony For Fox News: Fox created the Fact-Free GOP, then Trump stole it away. Gullible Fox viewers are the most misinformed. That made it easy for Donald Trump to fill vacuum of ignorance, fear. On the one hand, at least seven studies to date show that Fox News denizens constitute the most misinformed news audience in the country. One study even found that Fox News viewers are more misinformed than people who don't watch any news at all. From climate change to Obama's birthplace to the Iraq War to Obamacare, conservatives are far more likely to hold demonstrably false beliefs — often with tremendous, unshakable confidence. On the other hand, and even more significantly, Fox News instills in its viewers a formidable distaste for critical thinking. It encourages dogmatism while discouraging curiosity. It teaches people to care more about "what" a belief says about the world than "why" one should accept it. It propagates what philosophers would describe as bad epistemology.
  • Looming Disaster For The GOP: There's No Escaping The Impossible Choice of Donald Trump vs. Ted Cruz  By : Sean Illing
    The hard reality of this losing battle is starting to sink in among party insiders. In a week or so, Republicans will be staring their worst nightmare in the face: Trump and Cruz will be the clear favorites heading into the convention, and there will be no good options left. As Mel Martinez, former Republican National Committee chairman told Politico, "Deny Trump, there is division. Accept Trump and there is division. Not a good scenario." Such is the dilemma the Republican establishment now faces. They can't stop Trump, who is devouring the party and its brand, without uniting behind a single candidate. But every candidate they've rallied behind, from Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio, has imploded. Now the choice is to back Trump or Cruz, both of whom are disastrous general election candidates.
  • This is How The GOP Imploded: The Real Story Behind The Conservative Crack-Up, and The Creation of Donald Trump  By : Heather Cox Richardson
    Donald Trump used right-wing rhetoric to steal the conservative base. But this crack-up has been a long time coming. Today's split in the GOP -- is really a fight among members of the Movement Conservative faction that currently dominates the party. And its leaders themselves created this crisis. To cripple Barack Obama's attempts to resurrect government activism, they put their traditional rhetoric about racism and communism into overdrive. It has torn apart their uneasy coalition. Obama warned them. In 2010, he told the House Republican caucus that "if the way these issues are being presented by the Republicans is that this is some wild-eyed plot to impose huge government in every aspect of our lives, what happens is you guys then don't have a lot of room to negotiate with me." But Movement Conservatives kept running in 2010 and afterward on the promise that they would repeal or destroy Obama's legislation and the president himself. And when the provisions of the U.S. Constitution and the separation of powers made that impossible, their supporters grew even angrier.
  • The GOP's Big Lie: They Want Us To Believe Trump's Hateful Rhetoric isn't Part of The Conservative Tradition  By : Kim Messick
    The claim that Trump's supporters are not "conservatives" it total baloney. To say this is to engage in what logicians refer to as "stipulative definition" — the attempt to settle an argument by defining it out of existence. When properly understood, Trump's supporters emerge squarely within the conservative tradition. Their "ideology" is among the classic strands of conservative thought, and their distinctive sentiments — the outrage and distrust we hear so much about — have always provided the darker energies of conservative politics. The Republican leadership has both strategic and tactical reasons for wanting to evade these facts.
  • Deluded Republicans are Trying To Tie The KKK To 'Progressivism' & Modern Democrats  By : Daniel Denvir
    Why Republicans blaming Democrats for the KKK are profoundly wrong: In the wake of Trump's David Duke controversy, many Republicans have tried to tie the KKK to progressivism. Prior to the 1950's into '60's -- white supremacist Southern Democrats were a key part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Coalition. They used their large numbers, unity and seniority to exclude as many black people from as much of the New Deal benefits and protections as possible and to stop the federal government from doing anything about lynching. Then the black freedom movement and white allies insisted on civil rights. In reactionary response, those white southern Democrats left the Democratic Party en masse, as evidenced by Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrat presidential campaign in 1948 and Richard Nixon's opposition to school busing and play for segregationist Alabama Gov. George Wallace's constituency. These white southern Democrats became Republicans -- aligning with President Richard Nixon's Southern Strategy. The right (Republicans) depends on convenient historical amnesia not only to excuse their segregationist forbearers but to defend contemporary white supremacy.
  • GOP Crackup Has Democrats in Stitches as Romney, The 2012 'Flip-Flop Maestro' Super-SLAMS Trump  By : Edward-Isaac Dovere
    Thursday in the Republican Party was like hilarious fan-fiction for Democrats to hate read until they hurt from all the laughing. It started with Mitt Romney and Donald Trump erupting into a civil war. It ended with Trump bragging about the size of his penis and shouting back and forth with "Little Marco" Rubio and "Lying Ted" Cruz, then pledging to support the Republican nominee no matter what in the last question, before immediately starting to wiggle out of that pledge in a post-debate interview conducted before he'd even left the stage. Not to mention Trump's insistence that he could get the military to commit war crimes by sheer force of will.
  • Enough With The Nonsense About a Horrified GOP Establishment. They Created Trump, and are as Racist as He is!  By : Chauncey DeVega
    This is Your Republican Party: The Establishment is as Racist as Donald Trump — and Created Him. The violence at Donald Trump rallies is also an additional indicator of the fascist and authoritarian tendencies that are driving his campaign and subsequently winning broad support among broad swaths of the Republican Party base. I too would like to thank Donald Trump for reminding the (white) American public what has been obvious for many decades but that too many members of the political chattering classes have been afraid to publicly state in a direct and unapologetic manner: the Republican Party is the country's largest white identity organization; in the post-civil rights era conservatism and racism are now one and the same thing.
  • What's at the Heart of Right-Wing Outrage Culture? An Unshaking Belief in an 'Ultimate Truth'  By : Staff Writer
    While stereotypes of liberals and conservatives will always fall short of reality, Americans who self-identify as conservative are much more likely to believe in an ultimate Truth (see Figure 5.3 below). Researchers have longer theorized about the fundamental differences in liberal and conservative moral perspectives, but these data suggest that conservatives tend to view their moral beliefs as worthy of "universal recognition," as William F. Buckley, Jr. said. In other words, both liberals and conservatives have strong values, but conservatives are more likely to feel that their values reflect an ultimate Truth. In the end, outrage discourse provides an emotional charge to one's moral identity. While there is a vast and ever-expanding outrage industry, no one embodies the essence of this phenomenon like Rush Limbaugh. He didn't invent outrage discourse, but he is one of its most talented practitioners. Limbaugh listeners are a near-homogeneous demographic group. They are middle-aged and middle-income white men who believe in "Truth". They collectively feel the sting of a historical paradox—they have been taught to be proud and commanding men, yet lack the political and economic power they think they deserve. Theirs is a frustrated, entitled masculinity, and Limbaugh is their moral beacon.
  • 'Super-Bigot' Kris Kobach: The Most Terrifying Trump Endorsement Yet  By : Heather Digby Parton
    Kris Kobach Is The Most Racist Politician In America Today. He is the legal mastermind behind the wave of anti-immigration laws sweeping the country.
  • From Threatening The House Speaker To Ejecting Black Students From Rallies, Trump Previews His Hate-Filled Vision For The Presidency  By : Adele M. Stan
    Beyond the possibility of a Trump presidency -- lies perhaps an even greater problem. Win or lose, Trump has unleashed a beast that has long lived in limited captivity amid the American electorate. Outward expression of contempt for those one resents—whether through epithets, violence, or mere coarseness — is no longer a pursuit reserved for those on the fringe of American politics. It's gone mainstream, thanks to Trump, each baldly stated prejudice now packaged as a legitimate political position. Liberals and progressives had best be thinking strategically about how to deal with the aftermath of a Trump candidacy. Whether he wins or loses, it's going to be ugly.
  • Trump -- a Shady, Egomaniac, Bombastic Liar Traps The GOP  By : E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Trump is just cruder about it: It's true that anti-Trump Republicans found common ground in excoriating Trump for his equivocation in condemning the Ku Klux Klan and the racist leader David Duke. "This party does not prey on people's prejudices," insisted House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). In fact, the party has subtly and not so subtly played on racial resentment — birtherism, the claim that Obama is a Muslim, Ronald Reagan's famous "welfare queen" reference — for decades.
  • Robert Reich: Dear GOP Establishment, Brace For a Painful Reckoning With the Reality You Created  By : Robert Reich
    By squeezing wages and rigging the economic game in your favor, you have invited an unprecedented political backlash — against trade, immigration, globalization, and even against the establishment itself. The pent-up angers and frustrations of millions of Americans who are working harder than ever yet getting nowhere, and who feel more economically insecure than ever, have finally erupted. American politics has become a cesspool of vitriol. Republican politicians in particular have descended into the muck of bigotry, hatefulness, and lies. They're splitting America by race, ethnicity, and religion. The moral authority America once had in the world as a beacon of democracy and common sense is in jeopardy. And that's not good for you, or your businesses. So what are you going to do now? Will you help clean up this mess — by taking your money out of politics, restoring our democracy, de-rigging the system, and helping overcome widening inequality of income, wealth, and political power?
  • Donald Trump Has Dropped The GOP's Mask: Conservatism and Racism are One and The Same Thing  By : Chauncey DeVega
    Not all Republicans are racists. But racists are more likely to be Republicans. Donald Trump knows this to be true. He has built a political campaign around that fact. Ultimately, Republican Party elites are nervous about Donald Trump because he has taken their "polite" "dog whistle" racism and replaced it with a loud speaker. Post-civil rights GOP is our largest white identity group. Maybe we should thank Trump for making it so obvious. The Republican Party and the "conservative establishment" do not disagree with Trump's racism, xenophobia, prejudice and bigotry toward Hispanic and Latino immigrants, non-whites, Muslims and women. They are just embarrassed and aghast that Donald Trump has dropped the mask of racist gentility and exposed the racist id of today's Republican Party and movement conservatism for the world to see. Hispanic puppets Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and other Republicans will enthusiastically deny that the Republican Party has any connections to the Ku Klux Klan. Part of their spin will be focused on an erroneous and dishonest reading of American history where "Southern Democrats" are reimagined as a group other than the core of today's Republican Party. The other deflection will be centered on the lie that the Republican Party is the "true party of civil rights" in America. Empirical reality does not support such a description of the contemporary Republican Party. The idea that the Republican Party is a force on the side of expanding and ...
  • Trump is Despicable — But Rubio and Cruz are The 'Real Monsters'  By : Amanda Marcotte
    Liberals should be rooting for Trump — and he'll be easier to beat come November. He's run the best campaign, one that speaks to what Republican voters want to hear, and, by that measure, he deserves to win the nomination, so that Hillary Clinton can wipe the floor with him in November. Look, someone has to win the Republican nomination. In this particular contest of villains, Trump is the least-bad option. Cruz seems like a sociopath who thinks he's a prophet. Rubio just perpetuates that myth that the politics of nihilism are OK so long as the figurehead is handsome and genial enough. A Trump nomination, on the other hand, would puncture any remaining illusion that the Republican Party is a home for serious people, instead of a den of misanthropes and bullies that see politics solely as a way to preserve their own privilege while screwing over everyone else.
  • A Gay GOP Activist Tells Why He Has Quit The GOP - Trump's Party of Hate & Intolerance  By : Jimmy LaSalvia
    Jimmy LaSalvia: The GOP is the straight, white, Christian party: This is why Donald Trump is winning — and why I left a party of intolerance and hate. Republicans reject cultural diversity of any kind. It explains Trump, and why I can't be a gay GOP activist anymore. The Republican rejection of multiculturalism is why the GOP front-runner was afraid to unequivocally condemn the Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist organization, in his interview on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday. That cultural disconnect is also why Trump's Republican Party will fail to win a national election ever again. A coalition that includes bigotry is untenable. They can't win again because that's not who Americans are anymore. Today, most Americans embrace and celebrate our new modern multiculturalism, and candidates who don't are simply unacceptable to us.
  • Bully Chris 'FATs' Christie Endorses as LePage and The BIGOT Brigade Come on Board The 'Trump Circus'  By : Gideon Resnick
    Insult-Slinging Escalates as Christie Backs Trump: Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey -- who 19 days ago "hated" Trump, now likws him? In a surprising move after Marco Rubio had a strong debate performance, Donald Trump unveiled the endorsement of Chris Christie on Friday. Meanwhile, Cuban Immigrant Marco Rubio on Friday accused The Donald of "wetting" his pants and applying excessive make-up to his "sweat-moustache" during debate breaks. "He's not going to be the nominee," the senator said, when asked if he would back Trump if he won the nomination. "The Republican Party would be split apart if he became the nominee, because we cannot allow the party of Reagan to be taken over by a con man." The unrestrained hurling of insults between Rubio and Trump marked another new era in this highly unpredictable campaign season. Meanwhile, anti-immigrant bigots -- Governor Paul Lepage (America's Dumbest Governor) and Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Arizona -- and even French bigot -- Jean-Marie Le Pen have climbed on board. Le Pen endorsed Trump via Twitter days after ex-KKK leader David Duke had donne likewise.
  • Demographic Death-Spiral: 8 in 10 Hispanics Have Unfavorable View of Trump, Poll Says  By : Dan Balz & Scott Clement
    A Washington Post and Univision News poll finds that among Hispanic voters, the Republican front-runner trails Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by historically large margins in general election matchups. Trump's negatives among Hispanics are the worst in GOP field. Hispanics clearly prefer the Democratic Party to the Republican Party overall and on a host of important issues, though the poll suggests most are not passionate about Democratic leadership or Obama's presidency.
  • Trump - a 'White Trash Billionaire' & 7 Astounding Confessions From Conservatives About the Dismal State of the GOP and Their Likely Nominee  By : Steven Rosenfeld
    Trump is a white trash billionaire -- and Rubio and Cruz need to say so. They must explain that Trump is an entitled mess whose business record is so questionable that he managed to bankrupt a casino; that he is an unashamed fraud who didn't even wait to be elected president before folding on Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, exactly like the "feckless" Congress he is running against; that he is feigning religiosity to appeal to people he believes are rubes; and, above all, that whatever he may be pretending now, he has spent a lifetime screwing the little guy. Trump is more interested in what is good for Donald Trump than in what is good for America. Trump's hard-ass approach to problems would be very dangerous for our nation... (And) everything he says is either an outright lie, or something he is merely saying because it is convenient.
  • Me Me Me Love  By : John Sammon.
    How big am I? I'm called "The Donald," that's like Caesar being called "Caesar," they didn't call him Julius. Are you called "The Dave?" Are you called "The Roy?" No! Only I am called "The Donald." That's how big I am. You can't get any bigger than that.
  • GOP vs. Black & Brown People: Republicans are Betting All Their Money on White America  By : Heather Digby Parton
    The only way to win national elections solely with white support is to get rid of everyone else. Sound familiar? Just as the African American communities have traditionally been harassed and intimidated at the ballot box through various schemes to prevent them from voting, there have also been concerted efforts at vote suppression where Latinos live. The Hispanic population is the fastest growing ethnic minority in the country -- already to a point where even if Republicans were able to boost the white vote and suppress the black and brown vote in 2016, they are not going to be able to hold back the tide. This is one reason they are so terrified of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers. After the horrible way they've treated Hispanics, they know that it will be a cold day in hell before they will get their votes.

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